I’m not intentionally thinking OR SPEAKING negatively by pointing out that - IMHO - the Hogs began last season in a much better, more positive fashion than they ended it. I am essentially stumped over that unfortunate development. A lack of quality depth might have accounted for SOME of that misfortune incurred late in the season, - - but such a perceived lack cannot decisively bear ALL of the brunt in the drawing of the finger of blame. The Hogs who painfully limped to last season’s conclusion were NOT THE SAME HOGS who began the season on a high note. I admit to being absolutely perplexed in my attempts to analyze and rationalize the malignant seesaw debacle that was last season’s dramatic, spastic, concluding cluster-self-immolation.

It’s no disgrace to lose to an obviously more talented team. It IS a disgrace - - again, IMHO - - to have inexplicable dumpster-dive debacles late in the season, - - - at a point when a team is expected to have jelled to the greatest extent possible and to be producing peak performance levels.

I’m not disrespecting or condemning the Hogs football program. I am a staunch, perennially-supportive Razorbacks fan. I simply cannot fathom the inexplicable descent into the lower abyss of utter mediocrity that glaringly transpired last season.

I MUST put last season behind me and move on; - - I realize that. The recurring question which is persistently nagging at me is - - - - “CAN THE HOGS PUT LAST SEASON BEHIND THEM”?

I feel the same I do believe, last season could have been a great one, but fizzled badly at the end. I am hoping the team plays hard and well and consistent. The win loss will take care of itself if we get 12 complete games this year.

i think we’ll know pretty quick whether or not this team resembles last years squad, or the 2 previous ones who ended the year bludgeoning teams. if we start 3-0 with good wins vs TCU and A&M we should be in line for at least an 8 or 9 win year, but if we only go 2-1 or 1-2 it will be long year with the 3 games following NMSU being very losable if we arent in sync. if our defense shows up vs the 2 TX teams with their good offenses i think their will be room for some optimism with this team.

our achilles heel has been the mobile QB, which hopefully will be alleviated somewhat with switch to 3-4 simply due to more athleticism on field. we know TCU’s QB has excellent mobility so alot can be shown in that area early. also, if the O-line is vastly improved it will help our defense stay off the field by getting those 3rd and 2’s we didnt get last year. i expect Brian Wallace to have big year at RT and live up to his enormous potential. with him and Gibson on right side thats nearly 700lbs of man leaning on the defense all game, thats bound to wear down D-line.

the one known on this team is at QB and thats a good place to start. after last year i dont doubt Allen’s talent or toughness but i didnt see the leadership/charisma his older brother showed at critical points in games. i will give an example of both. i believe the play that embodied Brandon Allen’s career was a 3rd down play in the epic Ole Miss game that included the Henry heave. on this play he dropped back and found no one open, while the Rebels D-line were closing in, Allen took off scrambling around the end of the line out running the Rebel defenders for a big gain to keep the game alive.

the play from last year i think of was in the Missouri game. we we’re still up 3 scores but they had just scored their 1st TD. we mounted a long drive that, with a TD, would of all but iced game. we were down near goal line and Austin was pressured in pocket, ran backward and threw off balance and was picked off turning the momentum of game. i think he will learn from his mistakes like his brother and be an all sec qb.

in my opinion those will be the tell-tale signs if there is holdover or not, and we will know by week 3.

All of us have some concerns about that. Those last two games were just terrible to behold. We didn’t get beat badly in those games, but to just butt stomp the opponent in the first half only to get butt-stomped in the 2nd is baffling.

However, our defensive woes didn’t begin at the end of the season. We did the same thing against TCU. We had them on the ropes & then gave up something like 21 points in the 4th quarter. We’d have lost had we not blocked the last 2nd FG & then won in OT. Lost late to A&M, too. In retrospect, it’s a wonder we beat Fla & Ole Miss. The D played very well against UF, but it was a track meet against OM & MSU.

I’m somewhat optimistic about this year. We should be better on D (how could we be worse?) & our O-line should be better. I agree the TCU & A&M games will tell us a lot. Have to win both to have a good season. Have to win one to have a decent season.

Having nicks, dings and other injuries and being gassed after the first half due to lack of quality depth and being late in the season made us look bad to say the least. Couple that with what many thought was a poor defensive scheme was even more costly. No excuses need to be made all teams have injuries and everyone except maybe 10 teams have true depth and experience at critical positions. It’s seems we are building some depth and we have more speed than in the past and we have changed our defense, so now its wait and see if the changes are going to take hold and show up on the field. WPS