Just in case you haven’t noticed our Hogs are getting handled on the road right now in Houston. Down by 22 points with about 13 minutes left in the game.
This is one of those non-conference games I was warning folks about along with Minnesota coming to BWA soon.
This is why I told everyone to pump the brakes on believing we would be an automatic NCAA tournament team again.
The road games in the SEC will be difficult and I think we could loose 6-8 of them, which means we will need to win practically all of our home games to get to 20 wins.
We are now down by 27 points with 10 minutes to play and Gafford just went down hard to the floor with an injury.
Houston has controlled this game from the opening tip and made this look like an exhibition game for them.
Just one game, but they have certainly laid an egg tonight.

It’s not over yet, but Houston is simply playing out of their mind. Our boys are playing really good defense, Houston is just making contested shots and we can’t buy a basket to save our lives.

Arkansas shooting 33% and Houston is shooting 57%.

We’ve got a very good team, we just ran into a buzzsaw tonight.

That team won’t even make the NIT that’s for sure… I like Mike as a person, but we will never make a Final Four with him as our coach, just no consistency…

That’s a stretch. Unless by “that team” you’re just referencing tonight?

It’s just one game, but will be an awful loss on the resume at the end of the season. For guys that say they are coming out this season with a chip on their shoulders and something to prove this isn’t getting it done.
For General to say that are guys are playing good defense while giving up 90 plus points I have to respectfully disagree with that opinion.
The Hogs had better get it together or they could have a disappointing season.

Cougars 91 Hogs 65, embarrassing!

That’s fine, but a lot of those shots were contested and they were simply going down. That’s just how it was, no more no less.

GH can’t see the forest for the trees!!! Tonight’s game is a trade mark of CMA’s coaching or should I say lack of. They started with no game plan and no energy and that spells loss. I had to change the channel, just could not watch. Houston played good defense just like NC and the Hogs can’t handle it because they are not prepared for it. Maybe they will get better as the season move on but probably not with CMA at eh helm. I thought he was making some progress, but I guess I was mistaken.

And of course the ones who only comment when things go bad. Trade mark? Ok, start listing all the reasons this is normal. No energy, yes, no game plan, you’re guessing at best. If you changed the channel, how can you know how Houston played? One game doesn’t a season make. Mike Anderson is a great coach and we are lucky to have him.

Teams that are considered “good” only get “blown out” by 8-10 points and always on the road. So, this team, by virtue of losing in a blowout of over 25 points, is only average. It’s not Coach A’s fault. Talent is as talent does. But, who knows, they might gel and get some kind of cohesion, enabling the guys to win one they’re supposed to lose (Kentucky?), thereby cancelling out tonight’s disaster. It’s just that they can’t dig themselves a hole. Playing poorly is contagious as the season wears on, as we’ve seen at Arkansas and with other programs. Every year, there is always that handful of teams that start out great and fade to the point where people ask, “What happened to blank? I thought they were supposed to be good this year?” I sure hope we don’t end up in that category. Frankly, I’m as weary of Arkansas sports right now as I am of Trump’s reign of terror on Twitter.

Just tonight, I’m frustrated, I think we’re better than what I saw tonight. Houston came out and punched us in the mouth hard, and no one got up off the mat and fought back…Character might be an issue, when you get hit in the mouth, you either fight or flee, and they fled tonight, and it was embarrassing.

Again, that’s speculative at best. Plenty of elite teams have also gotten their brains beat in on a given night. Heck, I’ve seen Arkansas beat the brains in of elite teams before and those teams still went on to have a great season. I sucks, but last night was our beating.

Funny stuff … “won’t make the NIT”. There won’t be 5-7 more teams in the next 24 games that can 1) bring the physicality to the game that Houston brought and 2) will simply have ‘one of those nights’. To start with (relative to the “Dance”), Arkansas has done what it needs to with regard to planting a firm flag in the RPI stack. As was the case in previous years where Arkansas’s RPI was in the mid-100s come conference play, this year they will surely get to conference play with a top 50 RPI. That, plus 20 wins is an NCAA bid. Done deal. Hogs will get 10 wins before conference play and at least 10 in conference play. Dancing.

Now - here’s why I logged in and its to observe - for the fifth straight year - that Coach Anderson does not have a half-court game. When teams put bodies on his players and take away the run and gun offense, his teams struggle. Always do. So look for more teams to try that but few can do it with the style and players like NC and Houston did. I’ve giving up hoping that Coach Anderson would hire someone that would help him install something that looks like a half-court option. He goes by the golden rule ‘dance with the one that brought you’.

Last night was just one of those games. It happens. I’m hoping that the seniors took that whooping to heart.

Inconsistency is a trademark of the fastest 40, if you have a big lead and hit a cold streak for five minutes the opposing team gets back into the game because we continue to go fast. Most all opposing coaches know they are never out of the game because of the number of possessions which equal opportunities to come back from a deficit, we never change the speed of our play no matter if we are up or down by twenty points. Many fans like the excitement of the fast tempo game even at the expense of suffering a loss, you have to play fast when you do not have a half court offense that’s productive. I do not understand why we are not a defensive juggernaut when most everyone in the fan base and media talk about the atheleticism of our players. Hopefully we can regroup and come out better prepared and focused on the task at hand next game. WPS