Hogs win 79-68!

Impressive win. We are a lock for NCAA field…book it!

Anybody know how we are on the tie-breaker with Vanderbilt? If we have that tie-breaker then we just clinched the double-bye.

Never mind. I just looked at their schedule and their last 2 games are @Kentucky and home against Florida. If they win those two and we lose our last 2 then they deserve the double-bye. Don’t think Vandy can do it, plus, we shouldn’t lose at home to Georgia.

I don’t know who owns the tie breaker, but we would have to lose both our last two games, and Vanderbilt would have to beat both Kentucky and Florida to catch us. Arkansas is playing its best basketball of the season now. Barford has become the player we expected him to be. Trey Thompson has emerged as a key player, whereas he was just there to give Moses a rest just a month or two ago. Will this end up being Anderson’s best Arkansas team so far? I think it’s possible.

  1. Won-lost results of head-to-head competition between the two teams. (Vandy)
  2. Won-lost record of the two teams versus the No. 1 seed (and proceeding through the No. 14 seed, if necessary).
  3. Coin flip by the Commissioner.

**Point being, we need to keep the pedal to the metal, Vandy can play with both of those teams, especially since KY is pretty much locked in 1 or 2 at this point, and they are heading towards cruise control until the SEC Tourney…

We could very well lay an egg, but if this team keeps playing at this high level…they could do some damage in the dance.

Good win for Hogs and CMA!!! Glad to see them turn things around, but still room for improvement.

As of now, we own the tiebreaker. Bama lost, that means there would be a 3 way tie, also Ole Miss is sitting at 7 losses. Bama plays Ole Miss We’d. Tiebreaker is as follows:

  1. Best winning percentage of games played between tied teams. AR vs Vandy 1-1, AR vs Ole Miss 1-0, AR vs Bama 1-0, total 3-1 (.750 winning %). Vandy vs AR 1-1, Vandy vs Ole Miss 0-1, Vandy vs Bama 0-1, total (.250 winning %). Ole Miss & Bama vs AR 0-1, vs Vandy 1-0, vs each other (play Wednesday).

At this moment AR is the 3 seed, Vandy is the 7th. But with two games left it’s possible to end up tied with Vandy. Vandy would own tiebreaker based off victory over KY.

However, Bama or Ole Miss win out, AR owns tiebreaker over Vandy.

The only tie breaker that will matter to us will be with the chickens! We have 4 played pretty much sewed up and probably will end up 3rd.
I just would like to see another quality win like next Wednesday over Florida. In the Sec tournament over Kentucky.
No matter what happens we have had and are having a great year. Our hogs are on the rise and we have some hog calling to do in the future.