Hogs vs. Mizzou predictions

Hogs defense still a basket case. Hogs offense looking good. Hogs special teams looking good. Missouri is in the tank but will be looking to win their last game at HOME. I say our defense still has problems and the offense must carry the load. HOGS 31-24. HOGS YA’LL.

We should win, and win easy, but we aren’t talking “shoulds.” Hog defense will bounce back to some extent.

Hogs 42
Tiggers 24

I’ve decided that the Hogs are simply unpredictable. It seems they can knock off a top 10 team one week and lose to a junior high school the next week. As always, I hope they win and pull off an 8 & 4 season. WPS

Mizzou has nothing to lose and will play accordingly, we will see plays that they have not used all year. We are a better team than Mizzou but the best team does not always win. I’m picking the Hogs in another shoot out if the same defense shows up this week as last week, if the defense stiffens I’m going with, Hogs 34 - Mizzou 21. WPS

Hogs lose bigly

This is the halftime score, right? Or first quarter… :shock:

Hogs by 7


Hogs - 49

Mizzu - 20

Finish with a bang.

Oh, come on, have a little faith! 10 minutes to go in the 3rd maybe? :smiley:

The game will come on at 9:30am here and I keep thinking if, if, if… so wishing another 52 for us while keeping them to 24! Guess anything could happen right?

17-52 Hogs


Defensively who knows which team will show up for the Hogs? Bielema and his defensive coaches do not even know. Being totally optimistic about that whole matter:

Arkansas-- 48

Not feeling good about this game. I hear over-confidence from pregame announcers. Too much talk about which bowl game instead of a fervent discussion on how to stop the opposing offense. Too much of “the Hog offense will be able to do what they want against this defense.” Well, we’ll see. I’m hoping the players don’t buy into everything they might be hearing about “how bad the Mizzou defense is” or their over-confidence might cause a lackluster performance. I’m not sure the Hog defense can come up with anything at all to be any better than near the bottom of rated D’s in the nation against a high-powered offense like the Tigers. All the Mizzou D has to do is stop the Hogs twice … on downs or by turnover. Of course, the same can be said for the Hog defense, but I don’t see the Hog D stopping the Tigers at all. Maybe if they hold them for a couple of field goals. But anyway … I’m just not feeling good about winning this game. I’ve been a Hog fan for over 50 years and have seen all the scenarios take place in situations like this. So, based strictly on history, I’m gonna have to say Mizzou by 10, 52-42.

If coach CBB is just an average Sun Belt Conference coach, with that much talent in the Hogs he should be able to blow out the wounded Tigers 52-6.

The defense could not stop anything deep in the second half. The offense looked like something with no finish power! No points in the second half are you kidding me? The DC has got to go! Do not know what happened to the offense in the second half-came up short to often. HOGS YA’LL.