Hogs vs. Gators predictions

I say we rebound and play well. Florida has a good defense but their offense is average. Its going to be a huge matchup between our offense and their defense and more specific between our OL and their DL. The lesser but also important matchup is between our DL abd their OL. I say here is how it breaks down. Hog OL or Fl OL-Edge Arkansas. Hog DL or Fl DL-Edge Florida. Hog QB or Fl QB-Edge Arkansas. Everything else are X-factors. CBS has Hogs as 5.5pts underdogs. I predict yet another close one with Hogs winning in 4th qtr by a field goal. One the roller coaster meter of ups and downs with this team I say its up this time and we win for the first time in what 10 tries? HOGS YA’LL.

Impossible to predict with this team for me, but my WAG is Hogs 24 Gators 21 and that’s getting out o a long rotten limb ! WPS

Sorry, but I see us losing this game. Glad to be wrong.

31-21 Florida. Now hoping Ark makes a liar of me!

Utter distruction of Florida. 63-10 Arkansas!

Why not?

Florida hasn’t beaten anyone good (GA is 2-4 in SEC play) and struggled with Vandy (who also beat GA). Offense gets two TDs but stalls twice and settles for FGs. AR 20. Defense should pitch a shut-out or hold to one, maybe two FGs but we’ll give up one big play so call it a TD and FG. FL 10.

20-10 Hogs. FL tumbles to AP #22 and Hogs creep back up to about “#27” based on “Others Receiving Votes”.

Florida 29
Arkansas 13

Gators 49
Hogs 3

Hogs 31
Gators 21

Bielema gets the monkey off his back for at least a few weeks and cuts an albatross off the Hog’s neck. I will probably be disappointed. I remember about 4 years back in Bielema’s first year. I was on an SEC board where we had a contest picking all SEC games weekly plus 3 or 4 of the big games in other conferences or sometimes cross-conference affairs. I just never could or did pick against those Hogs. They were my miss every blame week picking them to win. Anyhow, about 60 to 70 men and all the picks & totals were kept tabulated weekly. At the end of the season we had a winner and I saw his correct pick totals. If I had picked the Hogs to lose weekly as they always did, I would have won the dang thing instead of finishing 8th or 9th as I did.

Love our Hogs but Florida is much better coached, prepared, and faster. Florida 28 Hogs 10

I see that the predictions are very skewed except that the majority think we will lose in spite of hoping to win. I confess the same feelings but I’m going Hogs 24-21. HOGS YA’LL.

It’s inconceivable to me that a team that couldn’t get even a single touchdown and allowed Auburn to rack up over 50 points could beat Florida. I hope I’m wrong.

I wasn’t high on this team before the season started (predicted anywhere from 5-7 to 8-4, but was at 6-6 for the most part) and the Auburn beat down reminded me of why.

That said, I am not that impressed with Florida. It won’t shock me if I am wrong and Florida pulls a Auburn on us. But I think it is more likely to be a close Hog win.

Hogs 24
Gator 17

A close Hog win won’t surprise me, a close Hog loss won’t surprise me, a huge Gator win won’t surprise me, a huge Hog win would surprise me.

Hogs are at home! We will play well! WPS


I think it comes down to motivation and desire to win and some of that comes from team leadership. I still say we win in close one. HOGS YA’LL.

To me, it comes down to what happens after Florida scores its first touchdown and when they score their first touchdown. Even though I don’t find their offense to be all that impressive, we’re not going to blank Florida.

The mood of the game instantly changes when we give up that first touchdown, especially if it happens early in the game. The team plays reckless and moody when it happens too early. They get filled with anxiety, start thinking “here we go again,” and forget to just trust the scheme and each other. They over extend themselves and give up big plays–all out of anxiety.

That has to change. Good defenses take it personally when they give up points, but they actually shore up the defense by trusting in the scheme more, instead of playing all over the place out of position.

WHS is predicting an Arkansas win. I sure hope so-we have not beat Florida in a LONG time! I think the spread was by seven-but I’ll take a 1 point win if that is what it turns out to be. HOGS YA’LL.

I’m thinking along the same lines as WarHog: Florida 31, Arkansas 20. The only reason we don’t let Florida put up 40+ points is the bye week. Our defense is second tier SEC. We just don’t have the horses this year that can withstand spread offenses, especially those that go no huddle. Even in the win against Ole Miss, we gave up 30 points. Our Offensive Line simply does not have what it takes to go beyond maybe the second quarter or even the third, in opening up lanes or giving AA time to pass.

I hate the idea of starting another coaching regime in the off season. But, I think some hard decisions need to be made about who to retain on the defensive coaching staff as well as the OL coach. Anderson was fired from the Buffalo Bills. Why we recycled him remains a mystery to me.