Hogs vs Dores

Top of the 1st
Stephan strikes out 2 and set them down in order!


Bottom of 1st

LUKE with a bomb!!!
Solo home run with 2 outs!

1-0 HOGS

Stephan gives up 3 hits including a 2 run shot.
Bottom of the 2nd
1-2 Dores

Hogs get 1 hit but leave the man stranded.

Top of the 3rd

1-2 Dores

Dores get a hit and a stolen bag, but Stephan handles things.

Stephan with 5 Ks

1-2 Dores

Hogs go down in order, going to the top of the 4th.

1-2 Dores

Dores pitcher is getting about 2 BS strikes every inning.

Stephan starting to roll. Sits them down in order, going to bottom of the 4th.

Stephan 7 Ks

1-2 Dores

A lot of nothing for the Hogs in the 4th.

Going to the 5th

1-2 Dores

Stephan gets a little roughed up. Gives up 2 hits, including a triple, and a hit batter. But, hold the damage to minimal. 2 stranded.

1-3 Dores

Bottom of the 5th

Hogs get a lead off walk and does nothing with it. Caught stealing second base.

Going to the 6th.

1-3 Dores

Stephan sets them down in order.
10 Ks.

Getting late, Hogs need to wake up the bats soon.

Bottom of the 6th

1-3 Dores

Hogs get 2 hits but strand both runners Only 4 hits on the night.

Going to the 7th

1-3 Dores

3 up 3 down, Stephan with 11 Ks, over 100 pitches.

1-3 Dores

Hogs get 3 hits including a 2 run shot by Fletcher!!! Leave 1 on base.

To the 8th

3-3 Hogs

Stephan is done going 7 innings, getting 11 Ks. Reindl in for the 8th.

Reindl promptly throws 6 straight balls and leaves with a mon on first and a 2-0 count at the plate… ugh

Kopps in

Hogs get out of trouble with 2 on and nobody out! Pick a man off at second and gets a 3-6-1 double play! Nice work young men!! WPS

Bottom of the 8th

3-3 Hogs

Hogs threaten but leave 2 stranded.
To the 9th we go.

3-3 Hogs