Hogs vs Bama

This has been a great bounce back game for the Hogs.

Dunk fest!!!

Bailey is a skywalker!!!

Looks like Dusty has climbed his way out of the slump he has been in.

Nice win for the Hogs, that pushes us to 4th in the conference. Need to maintain that spot.

Yup. Fourth in the conference will probably get us into the tournament. I think the target has to be at least 12 conference wins. We have two top fifty rpi road wins, which helps. Unless we can beat Florida or S. Carolina, which is a very iffy proposition, we don’t have a lot of margin for error. All our other opponents have lower rpi’s that we do. We can maybe afford to lose to one of them, perhaps on the road. More than that, and we’re probably right back on the bubble.

Often a critic of CMA, but I thought he did a good job tonight of changing the lineup when the Hogs started slow until he found a lineup that generated some “MO”. The defense showed up tonight for the most part. Several players got valuable playing time tonight which should help in upcoming games.

If we could get half of what Bailey did night in night out he could give us some much needed depth at the forward spot! that was shades of Michael Qualls Wednesday…lol