Hogs vs Auburn

Well, Auburn is doing what they’ve done all season shoot the 3 and thus far it’s been going through the basket.
Hogs have done what they’ve done so far this season, struggle.
If Barford and Macon continue to struggle to score in true road games then we won’t win but a couple of SEC games away from BWA.
I’m afraid that they have felt they are an under appreciated elite team and quite frankly they aren’t an elite team. They are a pretty good team that has to play hard every game, cover the 3 point line better, rebound better, limit turnovers and have better shot selection.
I don’t want to hear about how our opponent is just shooting lights out from the 3 like Houston also did, we have to be able to defend the 3 better, especially when you know it a big part of your opponents game like today, that’s lack of preparation.
Hopefully, Auburn’s shot percentage will go down in the 2nd half and we can climb back into this game.
I hate to say it, but if these guys don’t get it going sooner than later this could end up being a disappointing season in the end. If we can’t win more than a couple road games and having some extremely tough home games things could get dicey.

Go Hogs!

Business as usual…

Another pitiful performance. They lucked out and beat TN or they might get shut out in the SEC. CMA just don’t have his team ready to play. Hogs were beat by a better players and coach tonight. Maybe our new AD will correct another of Long’s mistakes and get us a real coach!!!

Well we were banking on one or two players such as CJ Jones to make that leap from freshman year to replace last season’s points production of Dusty Hannahs. That single factor still remains a big key to getting a similar season as last year. Hopefully the switch (and confidence) comes back on for CJ. Til then we have to bank on two freshmen Hall and Gafford from last season’s recruiting class to improve enough hopefully by mid season to adequately replace Kingsley’s and Hannah’s scoring production (26-28 points combined). We haven’t established a glue guy or defensive stopper yet as well…someone who could replicate what Watkins provided. CMA is doing all he can do and having to wait for 3 fr & sophs to continue take further steps as this season progresses game by game. m

I think you pretty well nailed it. I had predicted a 7-9 SEC record early on based mainly on the fact that other than Barford and Macon our scoring options were questionable this season. The last two games combined we have actually made more FGs than the opponent. Today we were outscored by 21 from 3pt land. C.J. Jones without doubt is critical to add 3pt scoring. Seems like MA is shooting himself in the foot to only give him 3 minutes of court time. I think Jimmy Carter warned that there would be a lot of ups and downs this year. The team has shown flashes of promise and are actually better than I anticipated coming into the season. I anticipate some line up changes will be tried.

Hey, it looking more and more that we’re just a mediocre SEC team that will finish 6 or 7 in the conference. :frowning:

Man you people are depressing.

Yes, these last two games suck and it’s a hard pill to swallow. But the season is far from over. We’ve got a very good team and we’ll bounce back. Will some of you bandwagon fans also when that happens?

When does spring football practice start?

No bandwagon fan here General, I’m all Hogfan win or lose.
However, I’ve warned fans all season that we have a good team, but they are not elite by any means.
This next week will be very critical to the remainder of the season, they have to be able to win their home games and pick up a couple of road wins eventually in order to get to where they want to be which is in the NCAA Tourney.
They have to play some tough Home games in conference and the OK State game will be a huge game for the Tournament Committee at home really a must win for their resume.
Not looking to get rid of Coach A, he’s doing a good job just doesn’t have all the pieces to the puzzle yet.

Not Bandwagon, just keeping it real.
Go Hogs!

How long does it take to get all the pieces to the puzzle? I hear that every year. CMA couldn’t win the SEC if he had 10 5* players. The guy is not a coach, he’s a caretaker!!! If street ball is working they win, if not they lose. The SEC has a lot of good teams and most I’ve watched have more talent and are far better coached.

With these statements, you again, clearly have no idea what you’re talking about. You honestly think teams like Georgia, SC, Tenn., Bama, OM, Vandy, Mizzou, A&M, etc. have more talent or are better coached? Simply put, we were one of the hottest SEC teams till this past week. MSU and Auburn won’t last like they are and Arkansas won’t stay down, mark my words.

Their you go again with a personally disparaging rant about another Hog Fan, you just can’t help yourself.
And don’t worry, we are going to “Mark” it down with regard to your predictions.
Oh, and buy the way when I remarked about CMA not being able to win so much away from BWA, the record is clear
over the past 4 season 18 wins / 18 Losses and if the trends continue then we would be due for another 3-6 road record this season.
I didn’t bother throwing in the first 2 seasons where we combined for 2 wins and 15 losses on the road.
So, spare me the not knowing what I’m talking about crap, just move on and we’ll all see how things play out.

Go Hogs!

Get a grip guy.

Yeah, when Anderson had to rebuild this team we struggled away and at home. But since the of the 14 season, we’ve only had one losing road record and that was the 16 season where we only had maybe 8 scholarship players. The 15 and 17 season we had winning road records, so spare me the normality speech of difficulty on the road under Anderson.

Seriously, if you don’t like what I saying then don’t reply. Nobody’s forcing you. If I see something that is factually wrong, then I’ll call it out.

2014 SEC Road Record 3 wins / 6 losses Year 3 a little improvement
2016 SEC Road Record 3 wins / 6 losses Year 5 took another step back

2015 SEC Road Record 6 wins / 3 losses Year 4 we think we’ve turned to corner
2017 SEC Road Record 6 wins / 3 losses Year 6 Another leap forward, can we maintain

First two season under Coach Mike Anderson: Not really his team or players so fans didn’t judge harsly
2012 SEC Road Record 1 win / 8 losses
2013 SEC Road Record 1 win / 8 losses

Throw in the fact that there is one entire recruiting class that we had zero players on the roster from last year.
These are the facts they aren’t disputable.

Go Hogs

Thanks for proving my point.

Wrong again General:

2014: 3 wins 6 losses
2016: 3 wins 6 losses

That would be 2 losing road records since 2014.
Good try, but these are the facts.

Oh, by the way you also said that we struggled to win at Home during the first few years of CMA’s tenure - wrong once again.
2012/13 - 9 wins 0 losses
2013/14 - 7 wins 2 losses
2014/15 - 7 wins 2 losses

You just can’t handle the truth, so just share your opinions and stop telling other Hog Fans they don’t know the game or facts.

Go Hogs!

Ah, I see the confusion. If you look at my original statement, I forgot to put the word “end” in the sentence that said “since the END of the 14 season.” I think I said “since the of the 14 season.” Hence, you still proved my point, I just forgot a word. So you get off your high horse about having the facts since you basically proved I was right. As far as the home games, I know we had and still have a lot of success under Anderson at home. I was honestly trying to find some common ground to end this stupid debate that you keep dredging up. I know we had success those years because I was there. Can you say that?

And I’ll tell anyone anything I want when they post something wrong. Simple solution, don’t post something wrong and I won’t say anything, or I might even agree with you. You don’t like it, don’t read it or don’t reply.

the hogs might not have had winning records on the road in conference most seasons, but i cant name 3 other SEC squads who consistently win more on road than they lose. i’ll give you Kentucky and prolly Florida. this hogs team is close, but if a 3rd scorer doesnt step up we will continue to be under .500 on road and very good at home. im disappointed we didnt pull out at least one of the 2 on road last week, especially against MS St. but that game was an anomaly for multiple reasons. at Auburn we flat just got beat. as streaky as this team is we’re liable to real off 5-6 in a row at some point, likely winning a game on road we shouldnt. we proved early in year we can win away from BW against good teams. we arguably have the best win from the SEC this season beating Oklahoma on neutral floor. i know it was early in year, but it was early in year for both teams. we just need to have some faith and the hogs will be where they need to be come tourney time. i guarantee you if we do make the tourney, which i believe we will, no one will want to see us. here’s to the hogs finding that 3rd scorer, or getting back to have 5 in double figures. wps

In my opinion, the biggest part to this little skid is our bench play. 4 of our 5 starters are playing great to solid in most phases of the game. But since conference play started, our bench has dropped off dramatically. Against Tennessee, 5 points. Against MSU, 14 points, mostly from Bailey. Against Auburn, they actually did well at 23 points, but again, that was mostly just 1-2 players. I don’t know if it’s Anderson tightening the lineup or nerves of the guys coming off the bench, but it’s been lackluster at the start of conference play. We need our bench to produce. We don’t need world beaters, but Thompson is more than capable of putting up 4-8 a game. Bailiey and Hall can put up a solid 6-10 points. Now if C.J. Jones can go off again and make the shots we know he can, then this team would be very good to a great team.

Anyway, still plenty of season left and no need to panic yet.

I don’t care much about past statistics. Right now, we’re standing around way too much on offense during away games and we seemed to have lost our edge on defense. Unless we can make a drastic change, we’re playing like a mediocre SEC team. This is a senior laden team and I wasn’t expecting this type of performance. We’re heading up to see the LSU on Wednesday and I hope I see a completely different team.