Hogs to wear alternate uniforms!

Hogs will wear the anthracite uniforms against Florida! Helmet, jersey, and pants!

I like 'em but I’m sure there are many that will complain.

Not complaining but it seems that we go with the uniform change if they think we won’t win but maybe some 3 star recruit will like the new look.

I don’t know about that. I do think that the coaches are doing this for another little spark of motivation. I believe that the Ole Miss game mentally and physically drained both teams. And both teams played horribly the week after. College players eat stuff like this up. I also see that the Lady hogs soccer team is also wearing the anthracite uniforms tonight.

I am old school and prefer the red helmets, red jersey and white pants; however, I understand that others think differently and that is ok. I also think we should try to include the player’s preferences on such things as this at least part of the time. I can handle the anthracite better on the uniforms than on the helmets. I think the red helmets with white hogs are the “signature” of the program and the grey helmets have no pop. But I will be a proud razorback fan regardless of the the player’s wear on one day!

While I do agree with you on the red helmet and white Hog, Hoovhawg. I don’t mind if they "show out’ 1 game a year. But, only 1 game a year! lol I did really enjoy the Red, White, and Blue Hog helmet a couple years ago. I thought it looked classy.

And the chrome red helmets in the Liberty bowl were very cool.

Man I like these uniforms. They look closer to the real fur of a Razorback Hog. They should wear these the rest of the year! HOGS YA’LL.