Hogs, TAMU.. - Will be interesting

Well, One of these two teams may be exposed. Which one will it be?

Exposed? Does that imply that one of these teams is pretender? I do not think that is the case because I think both are pretty good and will certainly go to a bowl game this year with about 8+ wins.The game should be a thriller and I think we pull it out this year with a W. HOGS YA’LL.

I completely agree. Unfortunately, I don’t think the Razorbacks are built to expose anyone.

I think if we win, we are a good, solid football team and could actually win the West, but if we play pretty well and lose we are still a pretty good team but will not win the division. I feel both teams could be very good and I just hope it is a well played game for both teams and of course we win. But this game may be the key game of the year for us.

I just hope it isn’t decided by a poor or questionable call by the refs late in the game, unless it is in our favor, but usually that isn’t the case for us.
I expect it to be close and we overcome some early mishaps and prevail in the end without any overtimes.

Exposed! run blocking is horrible.

You do understand that about 60% of the teams go to Bowl games right? 5-7 gets you to a bowl game in this day and age… So in 1970… that use to mean you had a special year… Now. it just means you beat 1 FCS school, and 2 teams from non power five conferences and had 2 or 3 conference wins… “Going to a bowl” = Trophy’s for everyone!!

FDR never played and SEC schedule.