Hogs SEC Tourney / NCAA Seed possibilties

The Hogs have a real opportunity to improve their seed in the NCAA Tournament with a deeper run in the SEC Tourney than South Carolina this week in Nashville. Currently, Bracketology has the Gamecocks as a 7 seed and the Hogs as a 9 seed, I could easily see where those seeds could be flipped if the Hogs can post a better showing than the Gamecocks this week.
The two teams overall metrics doesn’t favor one over the other and the fact that we actually finished ahead of them in the final conference standings and defeating them head to head on their home court should be enough for the committee to give the Hogs the nod for the higher seed.
I just hope the Hogs continue to play like they have something to prove and aren’t satisfied with the fact that the have made the big dance because a better seed can only improve the chances of success and perhaps at least a couple of wins in the NCAA Tournament which we haven’t had since 1996.

Go Hogs!