Hogs Rollin early!!

AA and Hatcher getting it done early. AA with a beautiful deep ball to Keon!!

Baker with another 50 yard punt! His 8th of the season. That is so huge for us.

Hogs D give up 1 first down in the 1st quarter. This new " tackle the catch" philosophy seems to be the tonic for our problems against the spread.

This kind of looks like CBB is using this game as a practice. Testing different lineups, relying on the pass. Better watch it, letting the little guy hang around has backfired before.

Pick Six for Pulley!!! He is starting to become a playmaker in the secondary!

Agreed Bake, I see him switching in Oline and Dline lots of chances to test the waters. And who is the guy doing kickoff snow?

Well looky there… A Whaley sighting. Folks will be happy.

Man, that kid is quick to the hole. See now why people want to see him. I agree with Stoerner, kids got a different gear than the rest of the backs.

Is that right? 26 total yards of offense by Texas State… Nice!

RWIII nice yards on minimal carries. NIce stats for everyone, some call it a stat builder. Everyone has them unless your on the other end. Look fwd to some subs 2nd half.

Absolutely, no injuries, pat the stats, and get those second tier guys some reps. Would like to see Storey get some snaps too. O line is the only thing that has shown some low points in this game. Just keep getting better big ole hogs!!!