Hogs rise to AP #17 & Louisville goes AP #3

In a strange twist, Arkansas may be in position to put CBP and Louisville as AP #1; if the rate of improved progression continues. Have to beat A&M first, which I think will put Hogs in Top 10. Then if Hogs could beat Bama; and assuming Louisville continued dominance, I could see them leap frog OSU. On other hand, Hogs would jump to AP#4 with win over Bama.

Great to see the up move by the Hogs. Could not care less about Louisville. Never been a fan. For the information of our Louisville fan OP. They must travel to Houston & Clemson. A loss to either puts Louisville nearly out of the Top 10 and completely out of the 4 team playoff. Not so for a one loss SEC team. SEC is more difficult schedule but that also has benefits over the ACC.

I don’t think a 1 loss Louisville team to either Hou or Clem puts them out of the top 10. They’d probably be the ACC champ and in the CFP. I’m glad for Petrino and they have been explosive so far. A&M gonna be a tough game.

The SEC and B1G champs are going to take two spots even with one loss apiece. That would put a one loss Louisville team against the Pac 12 & Big 12 champs. A possibly undefeated Stanford would take a third spot or probably a one loss Pac 12 as Oregon could be. That puts a one loss Louisville team against the Big 12 champ for the fourth spot. It better not be Texas. Louisville is not respected around the country like FSU and if Louisville loses at Clemson. They may not be the ACC ultimate champ. I had still rather be a one loss SEC team instead of a one loss ACC team.

From 24 to 17 based on a win at home vs. Texas St… that is a little rich. But hope is alive and well. Now we get a dose of an SEC team and get to see where we are. Kind of entertaining… a one point squeakier vs. La Tech, a big win vs Tx St. and a OT seeker vs. now un ranked TCU… That = 17? Oh well, it is not where you start it is where you finish.

I hope they banned that guy who called you a Troll… gee that was hurtful. I will chip in on the counseling if you need it.

Yeah, some of these people would go into cardiac arrest if they butted heads with me on YouTube.

  1. Did you see my PM?
  2. Go easy on Marty, I will cite the while in Rome do as the Romans do; until we learn what the heck is normal etc. I think it kind of cool that she is a she.
  3. For sure rlw would never survive this board, I don’t think he is even going to try?
  4. I think the #17 is about right if you look at all of the other teams they are ahead of. Game 1 with descent opponent with hurry up, new QB, iffy line and we managed to get the W, We dominated TCU, choked with the CBB run run run and cloud of dust and then manage to get a break that we did not see much of at all last year, then play football again. Beat #15 on the road is all that matters. Then we beat the pulp put of cup cake, kinda CBP like, that is good enough for me. Beat A&M and we go to #10.
  5. I find it hypocritical thus far on logic for removing topic. It was explained so I feel better, but I think it should have been locked, and the culprits banned. I still have that thread opened on my PC. There were 2 culprits that went on rants and/or call others names. I don’t think either were banned. It is hard to tell if they just wanted to censor the topic? I kind of want to know, because I don’t think I need to be censored / banned to go away. If I am doing something not wanted, I will simply leave. As you know I never criticize anyone, I can only be hated for my opinions to which I think I am entitled to. Yes being called a Troll was very hurtful. My kids saw it and was trying to figure out what did I do; or say? I used the opportunity to teach them about the many injustices in the world under the name of what a few believe as their right or supremacy over others.

Hmmmmm, uh oh we agree. :o

Tell your kid that I doubt exists that this is an Arkansas Razorback Blog Board and dad was posting Topics labeled Louisville Cardinals. Tell him dad cannot find the Louisville board. I know they do things different down in Texas where you come from but here in Arkansas we don’t let any Birds come between our Hogs.

I come from Arkansas, graduated from UA and have been in Dallas every since. Now my kids come from Texas. Although I have son at UA right now. Like most down here and anywhere outside the state, they could not see why CBP was fired. But it happened, but I am no troll, and wish you would leave me and my family to peace. One last time, CBP violated his contract, Long fired him, he was his right to do so. But I would not have fired him. It is my right to that opinion WHS or HI I don’t care. What I defend are the bogus lies told about CBP ability to recruit, coach, play defense, would have quit and on and on… t slander the former coach to assist justifying a firing that was excessive. Facts like having Hogs in top 5 twice and now Louisville Top 4 seem to mean nothing for some. Sorry you don’t want to hear from anyone that disagrees with you.

BTW, I have nothing against Long as some other apparently do. Don’t put me in bucket with others that I don’t know. Strange thing about me is that I would NOT fire or have fired anybody. I like CBP, Long, and CBB. Right now all of the CBP success is somewhat cooled down in Razorback Nation because of the success of CBB. When CBB gets there no one will discuss or care about what they soooooo pig soooooie missed about CBP. (Winning and winning is all they loved about CBP)

With all of that said, if I can ever figure out how to do it on this new forum, I will block you. I feel as if you are a harrasser with intent to bait as you know my feelings to which will not change. I am in the wrong by taking the bait and responding. will fix that tonight. On my way out, I will one final time apologize for any grief that I may have caused by my belief in Branden Allen as a stud and #1 QB in the nation, and of CBP as the coach that was morally wrong, but did not have to fired. It was a choice that Jeff Long made for what he said was in best interest of UA.

You are whatever you want to be called for kicking a dead horse to the point of nausea. You want to block me to post Louisville topic threads all over this board in the BIG PRINT that appears on the posting page. You stated in the deleted thread you were only here about Petrino. You have whined all day about that deleted Louisville thread you posted. You think you can cajole that type posting over on here. You have daughters & sons graduating the UA and tots that are upset seeing dad called names. You lived in east Arkansas for years on this board and now in Texas. I think you have always lived in Texas and probably never even been in Fayetteville. I know exactly what you are.