Hogs on upset alert?

The Hogs coaching staff and players better not take the New Mexico State Aggies for granted this week by hanging their heads, whining and pointing fingers in the locker room or they could find themselves in a 4 quarter battle again with this Aggie squad.
This team coming here is 2-2 on the season with a narrow 6 point loss at Arizona State and a 3 point loss to Troy while blowing out UTEP yesterday 44-14 and beating the in state University of New Mexico 30-28. This is a team that resides in conference with Arkansas State.
We should have an overall more talented and deeper roster, but looking at the trenches they average 314 across the O-Line while they play a 4-3 defense with their D-tackles all between 300-310, DE at 240-260 and LB’s 220-245.
These Aggies sling it all over the field and have good combination of size and speed at WR. They are averaging 33 points through 4 games, so we better be focused and locked in this week and come ready to play and not be dwelling on the heartbreaking loss once again to Texas A&M.

The one thing that can get a coach fired is to not have your team ready to take care of business at home against a team that you are expected to beat easily (Jack Crowe).

The Hogs will only be favored to win 3-4 games the rest of the season and if they even want the opportunity to get to bowl elegibility they must win these games and perhaps beat South Carolina or one of the Mississippi teams.

Go Hogs!

There qb is also a 4 year starter and top 3 in passing this year.

I will paraphrase Bobby Knight…I was worried till I looked across the field and saw Doug Martin (career 40-93 record) and then I knew we had a chance.

I to agree we better bring our A game which is really a C-.