Hogs lose again the "Right way" "one brick at a time"; which is truly "Uncommon". Woo Pig!!!

Six Long years. Until the masses raise up and come to realization of what should be soooooooooo pig soooooooie obvious. I called for CBB firing after A&M game, Long is on the clock. I only know of two mistakes Long made but both are dandys.

Hey, HA, , Hogs don’t look good at all. Just can’t get over the hump. 6 years is plenty of time. I think it’s time for both JL and BB to hit the road. But that being said I was calling for MA to be fired after so many mediocre years and now it looks like he is gaining traction with recruiting. I probably think they will give BB this season and next. I would bet if he doesn’t beat A&M next year he should be fired on the sideline. Very frustrating being a Hog fan nowadays.

Jeff Long is effectively a CEO of a major corporation. He should be held accountable to “all” shareholders (Razorback fans). He made a highly debatable / publicized decision that was well within his right. I never agreed with the decision and NEVER will. But I respect it was his right. However, that decision should not have given him a free pass or removed him from the responsibity of winning on the field. It simply has not occurred. This executive (Long) has effectively double downed on his highly debatable / publicized decision by offering CBB the $20 million buyout. If CBB is not gone soon, both should be fired at the end of this season. I don’t care if we have to get cute to wait until 1/1/18. Change is needed.

I don’t see CBB performance anywhere close to CMA’s. CMA’s team were showing steady year over year improvement which is what shareholders seek. CMA endured a few player unexpected departures (Whitt, Babbs, Qualls) and few player control issues (Williams, Beard, Thomas etc.) but he still managed to hit .500 He regrouped and came back strong last year; all the while he has cemented Top 5 recruiting classes for next couple of years. CBB has absolutely NOTHING to point to. It is no surprise to me as once all of Petrino’s highly talented athletes without necessarily the stars were gone, we truly now have a empty cupboard as CBB’s class were nowhere near ranked as high as those of CBP.

The last 6 years have been the most disappointing in football for me since being a Razorback fan. I have never wanted an AD fired. I know Long and know he is good man, but if he can’t fix what he felt had to happen to Petrino now…, my support stops on 1/1/18. Fans must have hope. We have none.

It’s hard to win at Arkansas. Not impossible, Nolan Richardson won a Championship. We need a young Coach with an exciting offense to come here. I believe Bielema is a good guy but he has been given enough time. Bielema has a massive buyout but I really don’t think he can turn the program around. A lot of close losses hasn’t helped his case, sucks but winning those makes all the difference in perceptions. I know you like Coach Petrino a lot, give us a younger version of Petrino with better morals and we’ll have a winner.

I am 100% certain that Frank Broyles never hired a football coach with expectations that he would win National Championship. Holtz, Hatfield, Nutt, & Petrino all won at very high levels at UA. 10 win seasons, being competitive and in the thick of things to win your conference are the performance measures I recall the late great FB speaking of. Somehow IMO, I think we became a nation of vengeance against Bobby Petrino. We lost our way and in some cases common sense as we anointed Bret Bielema King of all right in the program and everything that was wrong was somehow tied to the man that built the program to 25-2 and consistent AP Top 5 / 10 appearances.

But you are right and even I know the Petrino days are “Long” gone. We must find the next lightening in the bottle. In a way, Long needs another CMA type hire. Someone who will bring us the winning and excitement of Petrino’s teams (but not be named Petrino). It is the only way to re-unite a fractured fan base that not only dislike Bret Bielema, but what offense and defense he is trying to run. Too bad Garrick McGee did not develop to be an elite coach because a hire like him is what I refer to when I say CMA type of hire.

I would kind of hate to lose Long, but I think Long needs to man up on the failures and put something in place where everybody can get excited about. It ain’t CBB, he MUST go and must happen soon even if we have to halt construction on one of those premiere structures we are working on. I chuckle when I think that for all CBP did, he walked away like a man with not a word of contempt, and not red penny from UA. While CBB may walk with $15 million having brought us nothing but some hollow marketing campaigns.

I said in here (long long time ago) that coach BB said he “will build the program brick-by-brick and you can’t build Rome overnight” and he has been doing exactly that. So what’s wrong? Six years, 30+ millions are nothing. Give the man time !!!

  • He lost the first 4 years because of Petrino’s players.
  • He will lose the next 4 years because of the bad effect from Petrino.
  • He will lose 4 years after that to recruit his own players.
  • He will lose the next 4 years to short out bad staff, players
  • He will lose the next 4 years because fans don’t support him

It’s too bad he finally gets fired after 2 decades because the fans don’t have enough patience, At this time he already got the blueprint fro the foundation done but fans don’t understand the concept of “brick-by-brick to build Rome”
So he leave as a RICH RICH retiree.

As long as we lose the right way, one brick at a time and it’s uncommon, I am all for it. :roll: F*** that, HA. I watched the WSU/Oregon rewind last night. Holy moley. WSU can play some [speed] ball.

Marketing is for chumps that buy that crap hook line and sinker. Lord knows we had a lot of folks willing to believe anything that was in direct contrast with “YKW”. That’s how we wound up with a paper run, run, run and cloud of dust Chef. I am still trying to explain to Grandma how we gonna fix the run defense by going to a 3 man line? TV Chefs should not be coaching in SEC.

Who’s to say that before that 25-2 was “wrong way”, “no bricks at all”, and common? It was certainly right direction, on a solid foundation and very Special to me. What we have now is truly the wrong way, no foundation and uncommon. It should be “Boo Pig” NOT “Woo Pig” with these Chefs leading the team.

Go Hogs Go!!! 007 See you on the other side.


I have to run, brother. Check out the WSU beat down on Oregon in Eugene and USC the week before. Leach teams remind me of YKW with a better defense.

Woo Pig.