Hogs / Fake News

Why do we eat up the fake news each and every off season that somehow our Razorbacks are going to be stronger, faster, smarter and better than the previous season?
Because those folks in the UofA athletic department have to sell tickets and the media needs to circulate papers and neither would be lucrative if they simply told us the truth about what our team really looks like in comparison to consistent winning NCAA D1 Football programs.
Honestly, some try to say that recruiting stars beside a players name don’t matter all that much and I would say to those folks to show me the programs that don’t haul in top 10 recruiting classes that have had great success over time and played in either the Playoffs or prior to that the most of the BCS Bowl games.
I don’t know what you see when you watch our games and then turn the channel and see a top tier team playing, but what I see is just different looking athletes all over the field. Not just size, speed, but the way they play the game with more aggression and the ease at which they move around the field, they seem comfortable and confident and these are the things I don’t see when I watch our Hogs.
I’m not sure if a coaching change is going to turn our program around or if we are just destined to be mired in mediocrity due to the fact that we can’t attract enough top notch talent to get to where us fans would like to see our program be.
The game yesterday was extremely disappointing, but let’s see if adjustments can be made to get us to at least bowl eligibility. If not, then further changes will need to be made at the end of the season.

Go Hogs!

I hate to sound like a Gloomy Gus, - - but I see no ray of sunshine and no silver lining behind the dark clouds of utter mediocrity.

Brett Bielema doesn’t cut it at Arkansas. Dan Enos Doesn’t cut it at Arkansas. Paul Rhodes doesn’t cut it at Arkansas. Jeff Long doesn’t cut it at Arkansas. For this season, at least, Arkansas is not an SEC-caliber team. I don’t think that we could beat Vanderbilt at this juncture. We will be lucky - - LUCKY - - to go 3-9 this year.

I too have had it up to the eyeballs with the fake news and the false hope.

No more.

I will forevermore be a Hogs fan. But I am also a realist. I refuse to continue drinking the Kool-ade.

As awful as Saturday was (and mediocre CBB’s first 4 seasons have been) winning in Arlington and against NMSU can keep the wolves at bay for a bit

I don’t always agree with you, Hog2009, but you are right about that. The team, for the past two seasons at least, does not respond well to pressure, though. Many (on the outside) spoke about how important the TCU game was. Pressure. That pressure is about to go through the roof against A&M.