Hogs club LSU!!

Arkansas was just more than LSU could handle, on the mound and at the plate!!! I wanted to do a game thread, but I couldn’t log onto the forums page, most of the night. Blaine Knight was absolutely masterful on the mound. And even though the Hogs left bases loaded in the first 3 innings, the dam finally broke and our power bats took over. This team leads the NCAA in strikeouts per 9 innings. And we lead the SEC in homers. This team has a chance to make some real noise! WPS!!!

You spoke to quick!!! The Saturday meltdown may have started something we didn’t want to see.

No it was simply an error by our Short Stop ( only his second of the year mind you) that lead to the loss. It simply happens. I do wish it didn’t happen against LSU, but every team losses games in this manner at some point in the season. We still are tied for the SEC lead and a favorable schedule. Just have to bounce back. That being said, the strike zone on Sunday was absolutely pitiful. That umpire won’t be behind the plate anytime soon I bet.

I would have had a lot more to say about the series this weekend, but I had some personal business that came up and so I had to watch the replays to see what transpired. We will see if this team is able to get back on its feet this weekend against UGA. We need to win the series and get back on track. Do that and we are still sitting in a good spot.