Hog Nation, what did we learn today?

I believe we found out that we can run the ball against an inferior team.
We also found out that Austin Allen is going to through a pick each game, this one without pressure in his face. However, he did get hit too many times again today so we learned that we still have pass protection issues.
We also found out that we still don’t get much pressure on the opposing QB and give up a ton of yardage through the air.
We did a good job of handling the run, but giving up almost 350 yards passing is not encouraging moving forward against much better competition.
Always glad to get a win and we will have 1 more certain win against The Citadel to give us 3 wins. Looking at the conference schedule I see many games we will be favored to win making it difficult for this Hog team to pick up another 3 wins.
We’ll know a whole lot more after next week if we are talking about a victory at South Carolina or a loss.

Interested to hear your thoughts

Go Hogs!

I learned we have a DC who knows nothing about a 3-4 defense. No pressure!
I saw our WR’s finally grow up and contributed to our offense.
I noticed as probably our opponents did that if you stack the line and stop our run which also puts pressure on Allen, you can stop our offense. NMSt tried that late but by then they were worn out!
I learned that Long announces tickets sold instead of people going through turnstile to fool his bosses!

Still no defense!!! Hogs will probably get killed next week at SC. I’m glad I had prior plans and elected not to go.

Ain’t that what we are supposed to do? Isn’t it about revenue?

There is a schematic glitch that we have seen over and over again on those bootleg plays rolling left or right. #74 Colton Jackson at left tackle slanted inward on a goal line in the 3rd quarter and let the defensive end take a clear shot on the QB as he was tolling left after fake to the RB. On similar bootleg play in the 4th quarter but this time rolling right, AA got drilled again when a blitzing corner or a safety was left unaccounted for. I can’t imagine this not being fixed for the next three or four games. WPS!

And FWIW, I wanted to glean info on draft prospects of NMSU’s QB, #16 wr, and their running back Rose whom all three repeatedly mentioned as nfl prospects by the announcers. This info is fair way to assess this Hog win. NFL prospect Rose had a really nice change of pace route out of the backfield on a 3rd qtr play on K Richardson for long gain, a really great play call. And then 3 or 4 pitch and catch plays to nfl prospect #16 when the other receivers were covered well by Hog Dbs. But I also learned there is growing respect for Kamren Curl especially after the 50-50 ball to nfl prospect #16 which was great catch. On the last td pass play to #16, they ran him out of the slot to avoid one on one with Kamren Curl. I don’t know if South Carolina will be w/o their star wide out next week but our secondary may stand a chance of getting more improved moving forward. Just try to improve underneath coverage especially on broken plays when the sack do not occur and QB is not being sufficiently pressured.

I learned one thing for sure the D.C. From New Mexico called a game and got pressure. Hire him with better athletes he might be able to improve our passive defense. The hogs will need to score 50 points a game to win in the SEC.
Lack of guts to send the house and pressure is completely absurd. I’d say you put your defense in bad situations by being so stubborn and scared to force pressure by bring 5 or even 5 to get the QB. They figured out the 3 man rush and passed with sucess all day long and the QB had time to eat lunch and get a drink in the pocket. Totally disappointed with our defense.

We can beat a Sun Belt Team. Too bad we not in that league.
If we were in the SEC east we could finished 2nd behind Georgia.
Find a D.C.

  1. DLine can’t provide any pressure at all by itself
  2. DBs lose track of receivers much too often (eyes are on QB way too long)
  3. Lack of push by OLine from 5-yard line in (same ol problem)
  4. Lack of plays or audibles designed to be effective against a defense that is obviously “selling out” to stop the run or to blitz
  5. Lack of any kind of passing slant play or quick crossing route
  6. Oline can’t efficiently pass block
  7. A good team will eventually develop a plan to take advantage of kickoffs that can’t reach the end zone
  8. Blitzes aren’t consistently effective
  9. Defensive game plan never seems to involve taking away, attacking, or negating the strength of the opposing offense (e.g., double or even triple-teaming a receiver that has more than 10 catches for over 100 yards by halftime)
  10. Running backs, Ragnow & Froholdt are the heart and soul of this team

We learned that Bama and Auburn are gonna kill us and probably injure Allen. We learned that Miss State and and LSU are gonna beat us. We learned that we might be able to keep up with USCe, Ole Miss and Mizzou but those will be toss up games. We learned we need a youth movement for the future, Kelley needs significant snaps not just this “Steamboat” package. We learned we just are not very good.

and troy just kicked LSU in the nuts and I hope they call tigerbait Monday to hear what he says lmao

Hahahahaha…yeah. I hate that guy.

I would say when you play a team that has not had a winning season in 50 years and has not gone to a bowl game in 60 years, you did not learn anything…I would say that #11 ranked UCA in Conway could of beat these aggies.
And they said BB was dancing after the game…he has no clue.

Well, AA showed us a better performance. Some receivers showed up today.

The Defense wasn’t good.

The DL and OL are not even close to what they should be.

Some more questionable coaching.

A win over a far inferior opponent, so honestly not much.

We learned that the Hogs can spank NMSU on the offensive end; - - but the “mighty” NMSU offense scored 24 points. Yes sir, - - I’m sure the Hogs can count on improving that defensive statistic against SEC competition.

I learned that the concession stands were still pretty slow… :roll:

it almost feels like one defense can’t seem to find the ball will they not let their playmakers play more freely or is it just a lack of knowledge because u notice alot of plays especially on 3rd and 100 they will convert and I go wtf how did they get that they should be punting

The one thing I took away from this weekend is that 3rd place in the Sec west is up for grabs. WPS

That Arkansas is about on Par with South Carolina, and will be lucky to beat them.

That this year so far is going about like Last Year, and Arkansas will be Lucky to get a Bowl.

As much as I would like to see the Hog’s have a good showing in the SEC, unless they turn thing’s around Fast and I mean Really Fast, I just don’t see much. Arkansas should be able to beat LSU, but it wouldn’t surprise me if somehow LSU Pull’s it out.

Something’s got to give with the FootBall Program. Bowl Game’s are Worth Million’s of Dollar’s.

Just wondering. Did you watch LSU get beat by Troy?
And yeas 3rd place is wide open in the the west. The key to winning the game aginst the chickens will be to pressure the QB that’s how A&M did it late to beat them.
The Oline isn’t perfect if they can just find a way to improve game by game that’s what’s needed. Those guys will be back next year. Ragnow is the only one starting that will be gone. It may be time to start hoping they improve.

Sorry I didn’t get to watch the Troy LSU Game, wasn’t on my TV NetWork, but I kept up with the scoreing. I’m SEC for sure, but Troy is in my State and I’m a Troy Fan, just like I am a Fan for Arkansas because I was born there. Troy has been steadily improveing year after year.

But 6 week’s is a long time before Arkansas Play’s LSU, and Although Arkansas will be improveing and learning, so will LSU and the other Team’s in the SEC along the way.

We are in Conference Play now, and Injurie’s are sure to start takening their Toll’s, especially after Playing Alabama, and other PowerHouse’s in the Conference. That’s what make’s the SEC Conference so Tough to compete in, and what make’s it hard for the other conference’s to beat us.

I look forward to watching the Hog’s and Chicken’s Play, and hope the Hog’s come out on top, but don’t think that the GameCock’s are going to Lay Down and Roll Over, and neither will LSU, which is 6 week’s away. That’s what I Love about the SEC, just good Ole Hardnosed Football.

Go Hog’s Go

As I said (about 4 years ago) CBB will field a good team.
Obviously we have a good team, we did put up 42 pts vs NMST, didn’t we.
So why we can’t win in SEC?
Because other teams are better than us. It has nothing to do with CBB.
There is nothing CBB can do about it.

I also suggested that (as long as CBB still here) we might drop all the paid-for-win cupcakes,
and reverse the course. We will play all power-5 opponents, and charge them $3 millions a game. That’s $12 millions/year folks. I am sure they will be happy to pay 3-millions for an SEC win, and we have to do it now, or the price will go down to 800K (like ULM) if we wait a couple more years.