Hog Fans!

During football season a lot of fans talked on this board about how bad our athletic department was! What’s so inspiring is that those folks aren’t really hog fans! A real hog fan that follows everything hog athletic competes in can see just how great our overall athletic department is.
I’m proud of our track and field, basketball program both men and women, golf, baseball and softball! The true hog fans have a lot to be proud of! So when football season starts overlook the idiots that only tune in to complain about a loss!
It’s always great to show pride in our Razorbacks!!! WPS!

I wouldn’t necessarily say people aren’t fans. Yes, we have our trolls, just like every other board, but some fans put more weight behind one or two sports based on their interest. Anyone who’s seen me post, knows my obsession with basketball, but I enjoy football as well. But to your point of all sports, Arkansas finished 4th in the SEC this year in all sports. The only states that beat us have a much bigger population than we do, so it says something about our athletic department on all fronts to keep competing at a high level.