Hog Basketball on the Upswing?

After last year, I looked at CMA’s only one NCAA tourney in five years and couldn’t help but be disappointed, although I could see that, overall, he had improved our basketball program compared to his two predecessors. With what is shaping up to be a successful season this year, things look a little different to me. The first two years of MA were rebuilding the program. We didn’t have the talent to compete. By the third year, we almost made it to the dance, but two bad late season losses cost us. Finally, in the fourth year, we made it. We had our best season since the 1990’s. Early departures for the NBA and unsuccessful recruiting made MA’s fifth year a disappointment, and coming into this year I think it was a fair question to ask whether the Portis/Qualls team was a flash in the pan, or could MA take us to bigger and better things. From what I’ve seen lately, I’m now coming down on the optimistic side. 2015-2016 was a down season, but we’ve bounced back to be maybe better than we were in 2014-2015. We’ll found that out in the next few weeks. In addition, we have two excellent recruiting classes coming in and some key veterans returning, so there’s no reason to think we won’t be as good or maybe even better in coming years.

I really like how things are shaking out. I can only imagine where this program would be had BP And MQ would have came back and AB and jacory Williams would not have gotten in trouble… I seen JW on some ESPN Highlights earlier he is doing really well at MTS. He is an example of CMA running a good program, CMA could have turned a blind eye to JW violations in lew of his future production, but he did the right thing and dismissed the kid from the Program. Baring nothing crazy happening I think we will be in good shape this next couple years.

Good point about Jacory Williams. He’s turned out to be the star player on a very good team. Maybe if we’d had him last year, it would have been good for an extra four or five wins for us, maybe more. Who knows?

Yeah, apparently Jacorey Williams made same jump in production that we saw from Moses Kingsley after Portis left. He is averaging 18 points and 7 rebounds for Middle Tennessee State the Conference USA champs that thumped Ole Miss at Oxford and pounded Vandy. I can only imagine Jacorey on Hogs last year at power forward instead of Keaton Miles or Willie Kuoassi. They probably dont blow the 15 point lead to Stanford or the overtime losses to Mercer, Dayton and Georgia or the nail biters at LSU and Florida. Then last year would have been ncaa 21-11 not 16-16. Vandy got bid at 19-13 last year.
We would be going for three years in row. It wasnt meant to be so we still have a chance for 2 of last 3. Just hope we have enough true fans left on the wagon to make selection committee, tv networks and shoe companies to trust Hog fans again at level they did 1977-2001 so that we get benefit of doubt bids. Hooefully school doesnt turn in to committtee a paltry number of ticket preorders so that another school with more committed fans dont steal our bid that we are deserving of. Bottom line is its a business and bigger fan bases get priority treatment. Our headlines lately is attack on fanbase for lack of support for top 40 roi team with strong schedule strength that fans complain about and dont attend games. Wins cure all so fans might return only after a sweet 16 or two. I’m committed so I’ll be there waiting for some help vs big blue fanbase. Go Hogs!

With J Williams last year we would have been 7 to 8 wins better off. I do agree with the dismissal! The first incident he could have stayed but the second one and for what it was not a chance.
You can’t blame MA for last year chalk that one up to the fact you can’t throw your integrity away for the sake of winning.
This team is good if they could change two bad losses they would be ranked in the top 25 and RPI about 20.
If the hogs avoid the 8-9 seed line I like their chances of making the sweet 16!

Too bad there are no do-overs! The way we’ve played lately, I can’t imagine we would lose at home again to Mississippi State and Vandy or @Missouri. Had we won those three, as we should have, we’d be tied for first now.