Hog Baseball

Did Hogs underachieve? Were they overrated? Were Ole Miss, Georgia, etc. better than advertised? Bear with me here: They were picked to finish the SEC at #2 behind Florida as winners of the SEC West outright. Now they’ll head to the SEC tournament as the 4th seed and tied with Ole Miss in the West. Of the 5 top teams in the SEC, the Hogs lost 4 of those series (LSU, Florida, Ole Miss & Georgia). The only series win was against S. Carolina. During the “West Coast Swing” early in the season, they lost 2 games to teams with losing records (Cal Poly & San Diego). They had a chance to go up by 3 games or more in the West when playing Miss. St. in Starkville. But they got swept. They had one of the worst road records in the conference and close to the worst stats for RISP and errors. So … I really think the team was overrated vs underachieving. I think what they accomplished so far is pretty darn admirable. It could’ve been worse, given what we know now, but it turned out to be a very good season. If they make it out of the regional, that would be icing on the cake. Beyond that would be incredible, but not needed, really, for this season to be considered a success.

National seed is hardly underachieving. But in college baseball, they basically remember what you do in June. And we’ll be at home for most of June.

The tale is not over. This team has been pegged for Omaha before the season opener. If they don’t get there, I think they would tell you they underachieved.

They are SEC West champs, though if Ole Miss goes on to win its game with Alabama, they won’t have the tie-breaker. But they did finish second to Florida. The Hogs, Georgia and likely OM will all be 18-12 behind Florida. Instead of asking if Arkansas underachieve, the question very well should be did the others overachieve. Obviously, if Arkansas aren’t OmaHogs this year, then they will have underachieved in most people’s minds.

They played the wrong set of teams on the road! You flip the script and play Florida, Ole Miss, Moo U, LSU and Georgia at home and it would be quite possible they sweep 4 of these series. Only one of these road losses was a blow out that was game 2 @ Florida. The rest were 1 and 2 run games!
For this season to be a complete sucess they need to win a couple of games in Omaha. First they may need a couple of wins in Hoover!
I think they will host the regional and should get a super host as well. I hope so anyway.

Yes to me getting swept by Miss State in Starkville was the biggest disappointment, a team that wasn’t really that good. Winning just one of those would have made a big difference. But there is still a very important part of the season remaining. The SEC Tourney where we can further our bid to host in the first two weekends of the NCAAs, and of course Omaha! WPS and Go Hogs!

Disappointed in that series, yes, BUT Mistake swept FL and is currently number 26 in RPI and #8 in SOS, I’m pretty sure they’ll be in the post season.

Moo U would have been in poor shape if the hogs would have showed up and played ball and took 2 games in that series.
It didn’t happen and that why the SEC Now idiots say the hogs are not a lock for a national seed! Really I could care less what they think! We had a tough road schedule and lost a lot of close games.
I hope the hogs get it going in Hoover! Win the first game probably South Carolina
Then more than likely MooU or Florida.
Win that one and you are looking at playing the winner of the Georgia / Ole Miss game. If the hogs can stay in the winners bracket I think we are in good shape. Get at least 2 wins. Or 3.

Prior to the final weekend hadn’t Florida already clinched the conference title? I think they had a 4 game lead over UGA. I don’t follow that closely but my guess is Florida was resting their top players this weekend and MSU wasn’t playing against the complete #1 squad.

While that maybe true, it still doesn’t change the fact that a “terrible team that we shouldn’t have lost to” swept the number one team in the country and will most likely make the postseason. The committee isn’t looking at who got rested, they’re looking at Quadrant 1 wins, and MSU has quadrant one sweeps against #1 RPI, #1 SOS FL, and #4 RPI, #3 SOS AR. That’s huge for the committee

Normally the only players who would need a rest are the pitchers.

Brady Singer is nursing a hamstring injury!
Their #2 stater did start and got hammered. They got whipped at Moo U.
There’s no other way to explain it. Florida may have peaked early!