Hog Baseball?????

What has happened to the Hog baseball team??? It seems the wheels have come off since they gave the LSU series away. If they have pitching they have no hitting and vise versa. I don’t think they will make the playoffs this year after looking at their remaining schedule. I guess the ranking must have gone to their heads, but that will change next week.

The ups and downs of a season. If I’m not mistaken, the 2015 team had a bad April and made it to Omaha. Either that team or an earlier one.

Oh lord, & I thought I was reacting badly to the past two series losses. We’re in excelllent shape to make the NCAA. We might have blown our shot at hosting (and that’s not certain), but we’d almost have to go 0fer from here on out not to make the tournament.

I can’t believe I didn’t get more comments on this post. I was trying to get some dialogue going since everything has been so quiet. How about the final spring practice results? Anyone see anything that stood out other than RW getting injured. I hope for him and his family that he is okay!!!

Hopefully it is just a mid conference season slump and they will react like the basketball team did with a strong finish.

From HS to Pro all teams seem to go through a section of the season that the team is just off. Hitting the ball hard but right at someone, leaving a pitch up that that you got by with 2 games back, etc. The good teams keep the work ethic and continue to play hard and fundamentally sound. Arms get fatigued (pitching) and the grind of a long season becomes just that, a grind. Then a fielder makes a great play, someone’s bat comes to life in a game or a pitcher who didn’t feel good throws a one hitter and things turn around. Fundamental play is the key to keeping the team ready for that break-out. This comes to some teams about play-off time which “ain’t” good. Hogs will be fine but it is frustrating as a fan to see them struggle.

Despite losing 3 of last 4 series Hogs are still very much alive for a Host spot. We still have the best overall record in SEC at 35-13 and are only 1 1/2 games out of 1st in the West at 14-9. Our RPI currently sits at 17 with 3 teams ahead of us having losing conference records. We need to win the Vandy series this weekend and get back on track…GHG!