Hire TJ

Let’s hope TJ gets the job. Then maybe Mikey can hire a competent assistant who might be able to develop the players he has been able to get, such as they are.

Really hate to see TJ go. Really like him. Well respected in the basketball community. He has done a great job for Mike at three schools, digging programs out of the ditches. He was the assistant when Mike was national coach of the year. You don’t get that without good assistants.

But if it is better for TJ and his family, I say go for it. I am rooting for him to get it.

If they do have to replace TJ, hope it is someone that has good chemistry and recruits with good ethics.

Developments of players has been a strength of this staff. They need to focus on someone who can recruit better than TJ, who did a good job of that.

Like you said, I’d hate to see him go, but he’s been an assistant for 15+ years. If he feels he’s ready, then I wish him all the best in becoming a head coach.

General, I agree, also sent you a pm.

Well, hogreality’s dreams just got smashed.