Hey guys, guess what

It’s only 63 days till kickoff!!!

Counting days not helping lol soo ready

Practice starts on Aug 4th so we can start getting a fix then

Go Hogs. WPS!

What is the real Pork on AA? And don’t give me the -well he’s the starter routine. I mean what is being said behind the scenes players/fans/others.

Well, - - - his name appears first alphabetically. That’s a starter.

I’m not an inside info “expert”. I learned long ago that you could ask a dozen fans’ opinions randomly and receive a dozen differing mixed bag answers

Dan Enos says that AA is the most consistent and most polished QB we have at this time, and that the others show occasional flashes of brilliance and intermittent breathtaking execution, but suffer more from a relative lack of inexperience at this level, and a subsequent tendency to try to force pass plays which sport a low level odds chance of success, rather than checking down or throwing the ball away.

I will gladly defer to anyone presenting a more astute, more insightful assessment of the QB situation. I’d love to hear it too.

Look,here is what I really want to know…1)Will he stand in tough like BA did…2)Is he a better runner/scrambler that his brother…3)What is his TD/Int ratio in practice…4)How well does he read defenses? You know…stuff like that! HOGS YA’LL.

YATES…I feel your pain…How many days now? 44?HOGS YA’LL.

Actually I think he has too much inexperience, not a lock of it. Sorry, had to say that.

Austin has the arm, the knowledge and the leadership to be a very good SEC quarterback. I am excited about what he brings to the table in this offense – especially with the receivers. It will be about the left side of the offensive line. The rest of the offense is solid, including the quarterback.

Clay…so from you I am hearing that AA is the right choice and that only one side of the line needs additional seasoning on the offense. Do you see see CBB substituting DW in the run game this season? HOGS YA’LL.

That left tackle spot is so crucial.

OK Clay,lay it on the line. Do we lose/win the first one against LaTech/Skip Holtz and what’s the pt spread. HOGS YA’LL.

So I see according to WHS that #2 spot behing AA is still open and to quote ENOS,“there has been no seperation yet.” And what about that frosh running FB Hayden! Bielema has pretty much said he going with the ones and will play alot! According to WHS there are 6 true freshmen that will have substantial playing time. THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKING 'BOUT. Looks like recruiting has improved.HOGS YA’LL.