Here's my problem, well one of many, but we won't go there..

If you’re second in the nation, almost first in the nation in Time of Possession, your defense should be fresh and rested most of the time. So why was our defense LAST in yards per carry???

I saw where this was going way back in October, and I thought, okay, our defense is slow, out of place, horrible tackling, no blitz packages, the zone blitzes don’t work, because they never make a team think that an actual blitz might be a possibility.

Obviously the defense is a SERIOUS embarrassment!!! With him going on TV it tells me his heart is half way in the game, because anyone that loved the Razorbacks would be focused on one thing, fixing that…

On another note, our basketball team is as marginal as our football team…more mediocrity…SFA for god sakes

Mikey’s jacket looks more like a flannel shirt

Maybe 3500 people there?

Why do we need a 20,000 seat arena when only 4000 show up?

The Basketball team is a work in progress, but KY beat SFA in their bldg by 23, Arkansas beat them in their bldg by 16. -7 with an improving squad. If they keep developing an inside game, keep getting quality shots each time down the floor, improve on the road, and keep working on their 3’s, they’ll be a tourney team. And let’s not forget, there’s a pretty good group of recruits coming in also.

The SEC has some good teams this yr. A&M, KY, and SC are all quality squads.

Football team has big problems on defense and it appears the basketball team has the same problem. BB team has some good players but they appear to be liking the proper coaching. Mike is sure not a good game coach.

The defense was pretty good tonight, not sure what you’re talking about there, or if you even watched the game. Arkansas is a developing BB team, when they get it, they’ll be pretty good. Barford, Macon, and Thomas are pretty good additions, those 3 guys can play, and play at a very high level. Barford has the ability to be dominant, once he gets comfortable with his role, he’s going to put some 20 pt games together consistently.

This team is going to be about 3-4 games above .500 in SEC play, they’ll make a run in the SEC tourney, and they will be an extremely dangerous team that no one will want to play in the NCAA’s.

What in the world are you talking about. Our boys played a team who made the tourney last year and beat them pretty well. First half was slop, but the second half they took it to them on both ends of the floor.

Having to introduce 7 new players(most getting substantial playing time) takes time to make all the pieces fit, but it’s working out so far.

I was there and it was over 4,000. Sad, but that is the reality of college basketball in general when you play a team most people have never heard of. It’ll pick up when we play the likes of Houston and Texas. It will make up drastically when conference play starts.

Because that’s not always the case.

Don’t start your normal “lets bash the basketball team” this year like most years.

Did you see the game last night? The defense was very good last night and has been so far for most of the season. And the comments from SFA’s coach would say differently about MA’s gameday coaching ability.

I watched the game last night and saw a team that showed to be inconsistent in defense,offense and at times passed the ball very poorly with guards driving to the goal in half court offense that led to bad passes and forced shots. Having said that we do seem to have more speed,more talent and more basketball players instead of just atheletes. I still believe MA will get things going before long,my main concern is to become a consistent team night in night out. WPS

On offense they were inconsistent. Defense no. SFA had a couple of runs but it was mostly luck.

I’ll take being 16 points better than a team that was 1 point from being in the sweet 16 a year ago. Seems like a pretty solid win to me.