Here's how this plays out

We will win a couple of more games. Go to a decent bowl. Prolly win that game. CBB will say something cute like ‘borderline erotic’ and we will all say “we’ll get em next year.”

We won’t get em next year.

Going 3-1 the rest of the way, making the Tax Slayer bowl, beating an Iowa or someone of that ilk is likely.

Let’s say we finish out 8-4 or 9-3(most likely with teams we have left). We go to a bowl game and win. That would be 3 straight bowl wins, something no other Razorback coach has done. That would also mean we get to at least 9 wins, which would raise our win total again this year.

I know it sucks what happened Saturday and it will take a while to get over, but we as fans need to still keep our focus and cheer our boys on because there is still plenty to play for and be happy about(possibly) in the face of disappointment.

Oh gosh don’t get optimistic and forecast another year of improvement on this board.
The doom n gloomers will swear blasphemy!


Realistically, we might win two of our final four games and go to another just before New Years Eve bowl and possibly win depending on the matchup.
However, we have a long way to go to be in the race for the SEC.
We have a 10 or 11 game losing streak against Alabama and have lost all 9 games that we’ve played with Florida. So, unless we can start upgrading our talent and possibly our game planning we will continue to be the “Rice Owls” of the past SWC in the SEC.
When Ty Storey entered the game it was easy to see that his throwing motion was so problematic that it makes one wonder who saw that and said “Yes” he can play QB in the SEC. If Austin goes down we’re in real trouble.
What type of preparation could’ve been going on with the defense during the week leading up to the Auburn game? Seriously, that was pathetic!

I will respectfully disagree, Pork. I have said all along that this year was a rebuilding year for us. Last year we should have made 10 wins but with losses to Toledo and TT, it was a disappointing season. So this year fans pressed for more than they should have. Next year should be another chance for us make a statement. If you look at how it shapes up next year, it is way more promising than the beginning of this year.

  1. Senior QB, many will say he will be the #1 returning starter in the SEC.
  2. RWIII, Whaley, and Hammonds in the backfield.
  3. We lose only 1 offensive lineman out of 2 deep.
  4. We will lose 2 of the top 3 WRs. But, we will have Cornelius as a #1 and young talent like Pettway, Stewart, and Jordan Jones. Remember that name folks.
  5. We only lose 8 of 22 from the 2 deep chart on defense.
  6. D-line will have players like Agim, Capps, Jackson, Beanum, and Ramsey returning.
  7. LB spot will return Greenlaw, Scoota Harris, Eugene, Hackett and 3 nice looking young players.
  8. The secondary will return our best cover corner in Pulley, Toliver, Liddell, Coley, and Ramirez.
  9. I think we will have a new DC next year.
    To me, next year we should expect to take another step forward.

I think it plays out to 8-4 with us winning 3 out of last 4. We either lose to Florida or LSU I’m not sure which. We go to a bowl game and win a third straight. I agree that next year is the year for bigger expectations and we should win 9 or 10 possibly be in the conversation. We have another blow-out and I want the DC’s head. HOGS YA’LL.

I can see us finishing 7-5 or 8-4 if Florida can’t produce any offense. As for the offensive line, Raulerson is a huge liability and it scares me that we don’t have anyone to replace him now. He was told by Texas to find another home because he wasn’t good enough to play at Texas! There were many plays that concerned me last week. One was the 4th and 1 where we handed off the Whaley to run off left tackle. Raulerson pulls and there’s a hole at left guard. Instead of Raulerson lead blocking into the hole, he stops and starts looking around in effect causing Whaley to bounce out wide and get tackled! The other problem that I’ve noticed on several games, the DT is shoving him backward and collapsing the pocket and our coaches are continuing to allow him to start! We apparently don’t have any OL depth that are good enough to put in now so I really don’t have a lot of confidence that our OL will be better next year.

Well…it just looks like to me that the coaches are over complicating the blocking scheme for the OL and so they get confused every 3rd or 4th play and we are expecting the blocks to develope while the defense lets us! I say fire off into somebody’s face and use the fullback to shake their foundation! Hand it off fast and hit the seam/hole fast as well. We are playing slow and confused both sides of the ball IMHO. HOGS YA’LL.

I would be giddy for this. Picked 8-4 regular season record at beginning of year. Bowl win would be icing on the cake. This would show year-over-year progress. 7 regular season wins only shows a sad ceiling.

I think how we finish depends on what personnel changes are made. On offense I know Raulerson needs to be replaced. On defense there might be a couple of positions but I think it might be more of a scheme issue so the personnel change should be the DC!