Henri Murphy could have been a Hawg

“Murphy won 4A state titles in the 100 and 200 meters in 2014 and 2015. He said his fastest time in the 100 is 10.4 seconds, and his fastest time in the 40-yard dash is 4.3 electronically-timed.”
I was told from one of the coaches at Dollarway that Murphy wanted to play for the Hawgs. But they declined to offer because he also wanted to run track and they didn’t want anyone out of spring ball due to the track schedule.

On the face of your presented premise, I would have to say that my personal reaction would be inconclusive, based upon an absence of all pertinent factors. If Murphy’s desire to participate in track was the SOLE reason for the withholding of a Hogs offer, then I would certainly question the wisdom of that attitude on the part of the Hogs. However, if there were other contributing factors (which I would rather tend to suspect in many such cases) such as personal issues, character issues, academic issues, etc., then the decision not to extend an offer to the young man would certainly make sense to me. Programs are obliged to consider not only the obvious wealth of athletic talent inherent in prospects, but also the potential baggage some young athletes inevitably prove to drag behind them like a ball and chain wherever they go - and the subsequent attendant risk factors to a program represented by such otherwise gifted young athletes… Some young men represent program time bombs, looking for a place to explode. I don’t know anything about this young man, so I have no basis upon which to speculate as to why the Hogs passed on securing his services. Perhaps others with inside information regarding the Murphy situation might care to enlighten us.

I was told Arkansas wanted him to redshirt and he didn’t want to do that.

When talking to him myself, he insisted he wanted to be a Razorback above all else.

But then all of a sudden he was V-Tech commit

Dudley, not clear from your post - was he actually offered or was one never extended over the presumed differences about red shirting?