Helmet stickers

Storey has more helmet stickers than he has college snaps… What’s up with that?

I think AA should get CMOH for standing in the Bama and Auburn game and taking such punishment. Bad coaching all around. They must do a better job this week. This team has been up and down so far this season. How about a life insurance policy for AA as well. HOGS YA’LL.

Nah, AA did what anyone would’ve done, survive. How about we just donate that sticker to charity (Ark State Offense) who managed to put up 14pts on the team we played tonight, 11 of them. Heck, might as well give the wolves D 11 too, they held them to 51. Tough loss, rest up & get the next one. Have to want it though, coaches too. We didn’t show up, period. No stickers!

I’m serious storey’s got a full dozen or more stickers. What did get them for, going to class? Bringing his play book to meetings? Now for me, the whole sticker thing is sham…

He mastered Hoganese.

Ahhhhhhhh…Yesssssssssss…we all continue to wallow in our pain knowing that the only remedy is another win. If we beat Florida 11/5, then all the coaches get helmet stickers sewn onto their hats! HOGS YA’LL.

WHS just posted on the Internet a story about the helmet stickers today. Well…it would appear that helmet stickers are not as worthy as I thought. HOGS YA’LL.