Head coach options?

Let’s say the Hogs finish the season 3-9 or 4-8 and Bret is fired… Well, who do the Hogs go after? Convincing a big name to come to Arkansas is far fetched, in my opinion. Who do you think are some realistic names to go after?

Chip Kelly

At this point, maybe fire CBB and let Enos have it for the rest of the year? Does anyone else wonder if things might be more dynamic under his control? I’d sure like to at least give him that chance…who knows maybe the answer is already under our nose.

He’s not the future of this program. He had a shot at HC and is now here.

Convincing Chip Kelly to come to Arkansas seems like quite an enormous task, don’t ya think?

Won’t know unless we try. We are a program innthe SEC, we may need a new coach, and he may be looking for a job. I don’t think TAMU fires Sumlim this year, Ole Miss is a tainted right now, Maybe Tennessee fires Jones. I would say we have just as equal a shot as Tennessee to get Chip.

I still say this is a pointless discussion. There is no job opening, so talking about coaches other than the one we have has no merit.

As much as I pray for a change, Bielema will be our coach next year. Reason? This is really a young team and next year we will have players with a lot of snaps under their belt. Should be no excuses then for at least a 9 win season. But we’ve seen this before and we’ve been disappointed.

We will also be breaking in a brand new QB. O-line was supposed to be much improved this year and I’d say they look just as bad as last year. We will be losing Ragnow and I see no reason to believe our O-line will be better next season. Don’t get it twisted, I love Coach Bielema as a person and I wish he could get it done with the Hogs, but he simply can’t. 2015 was the year he had the best shot at a 10 win season, but we lost 3 very winnable games against Toledo, A&M, and Mississippi State. If Coach Bielema’s best is a 7 win regular season record with a good offensive line, Alex Collins as his RB, a good set of WRs, an NFL caliber TE, and a senior quarterback that was on fire… I doubt he’s our guy. I think it’s time to move on after this season. That being said, I’m just a fan and have no say in CBB’s future. So if we can land a bowl game I believe Long will give him one more year and that’s it. And I do not believe next year looks like a bright year, so I say he finishes with another mediocre record of 6-6 and then he’s gone from Arkansas.

Not really. The starting line up offense and defense is 70% upperclassmen, and the two deep is over 60%

Well, don’t read it then…Geez… There are a lot of things I see on the internet that has no merit, so I don’t read them…

And I disagree, the argument has been made that Arkansas can’t get a good coach, my guess is someone like Mike Norvell from Memphis, who went to Central Arkansas would be a fine coach in the SEC, if people give him time to build something, like Bielema has had…

But Mike Norvell has not built anything, he inherited a rising program from Fuente.

Coach A from A STATE

Fuente was generally a coordinator as well before going to Memphis, and their QB transferred in from a Community College, and their back field is a freshman and sophomore, so so if he inherited a lot, a QB and RB didn’t come with the inheritance, that’s for sure…

But…but…Norvell doesn’t run the Wishbone!!!

One bad year does not justify firing a head coach. However, this is year six and Bielema has only had one good year and it was far from outstanding.

Your first statement isn’t a logical rebuttal.

On your second, still, talking about getting someone else is irrelevant till an opening is made.

What about a Broyles’ Award winner.

Skip Holtz

Head Coaching experience, tremendous football pedigree, current salary 700K per year with a 400k buyout at the end of this season.

He knows what a winning football team at the UofA, Fayetteville looks like and would be eager to roll up,his sleeves and regain the glory days that his father gave us for most of his 7 year tenure at the helm of the program.
He would be a coach that would be attainable for us at a discounted salary if the administration were to chose to make a coaching change at years end.

He has certainly done a good job at LaTech with 3 consecutive 9 win seasons while getting beat by the Hogs last season 21-20 and today in South Carolina 17-16. Certainly able to get the most out of his roster which certainly doesn’t have the caliber of recruits that Arkansas or South Carolina has and taking both to the brink of defeat on the road.

Just worth kicking the tires I think if we do make a change.

Go Hogs!

There will be no change. The buyout was put in place to ensure Coach B would be here. Long did that himself.
There’s no reason to even think about it.
We needed a defensive coordinator when Rob Smith left and we still need one. Maybe one of those linebacker coaches can try next year.
I wish we could just play defense!