HDN Would be SOO proud !!

We sure showed them Aggies !!! Time of possession hands down !! How many quarterback sneaks do we need to run before we figure out thats its not going to work ? Enjoy folks. You will continue to get more of the same until everyone of Frank’s boys are gone. The GOBN strikes back !!! We suck. YEAR FOUR.

No way Bobby could beat these Aggies with his cruddy ACC team !! Wait he did. :smiley:
But hey he didn’t win the time of possession. Frank - Frank ball. I’ve had enough.

We’re 3-1 and lost to a top 10 team. We still had almost 500 yards of offense and did well on defense till the second half. After next week, we’ll probably be 4-1 going into the bama game. We’ll see how that turns out.

You obviously care more about Petrino than the Hogs, so go support Louisville.

Would you like some cheese with that whine?

I care about winning. And Bert is a loser. His system is a loosing one. And we fired a coach who had no problem putting the ball in the end zone while in the red zone and hired one that repeats a qb sneak lol… Bert is a DA !!! If you can’t see it by now its bc you just dont want too.

I’m just not as used to loosing as you are.

Based on what? That he has a high winning percentage? SHUT UP ABOUT PETRINO!!! He’s gone, GET OVER IT!!!

Our 3 wins came against weak nobody’s. Our fourth will as well. SO what ? You beat your chest about nothing. Just like the HDN days… You must be a proud member of the MSM. You guys are all blind if you can’t see that this program is being run by the same people who ran it during Houstons time… Its obvious. Bobby was the saviour Jeff ran him off. Posters who don’t care are NOT hog fans. Fans don’t enjoy loosing.

I didn’t realize a top 15 team was a nobody on the road. During Houstons time we had crap quarterbacks except what Ford left us. Loosing? You mean losing? No, I don’t enjoy if, but if you can’t give more than conjecture about Petrino, stop bringing him up.

ITs NOT conjecture. BMFP beat this same Aggies team in a bowl game last year. Bert has had four attempts and failed all FOUR. Bobby is at freaking LOUISVILLE !! What 55000 so seats ? That school should NOT be in the same league as FSU and the Aggies. Yet Bobby beats them both. Routinely. What is Bert doing ? Getting beat by them. You are NOT a hog fan. If you are then you are delusional.

And again

high release

JDeere…it’s nobody’s fault but your precious Bobby’s that he was shown the way out of Fayetteville so don’t be trying to put the blame on other people. Yes, he’s a good coach but he can’t seem to keep his life in order ie: his first stint in Louisville, his brief stint in Atlanta and his time at the U of A. Nuff said.

Don’t worry. Bobby may get close, but he’ll find a way to blow it. Just like he’s done everywhere he’s been. Same number of NC’s as BB. None. Whining matters…or is that winning. Dang that spell check.