Hawgball is lookin better, still not there yet though, but it's coming.

The defense needs to keep contesting everything, and we need to play more consistently throughout the game on offense.

A&M is not Ole Miss, they wiped us out to start the 2nd half last time. It will take all hands on deck to defend the home court on Saturday…

Bud Walton needs to be LOUD and FULL Saturday.

It will be

well, i reckon we will see what the hogs are really made of the rest of season with no easy games left. at times we look like we can win every game by 15 or lose it by 15. consistency seems to be all we lack, we still take way too many poor shots, have unforced turnovers, we struggle to end possessions with rebounds. i guess what bothers me most is the times we go up by like 5 or 6. instead of pushing it out to ten, we take poor shots, ortshots are taken by players that arent scorers. granted most of those type shots are open shots, but thats not what we always need.

if Hall and Gafford continue to play at that level, and we can get a little from Beard and Jones we’ll finish strong. i know Ole Miss is a broken team, but the hogs still won a road game by double digits with our 2 best scorers combining for under 20, i think they deserve some credit for that.

i’m fortunate enough to be able to attend the A&M game and although i am mute i will be calling the hogs and making noise in my own way saturday.

WPS, go hogs

Might be dangerous if they could shoot a free throw…

It remains to be seen whether the crowd brings it or sits on their hands waiting for the team to do something to excite them, their usual M.O. I suspect the latter, but will be on my feet the whole game, a feat previously declared not possible for someone in my age bracket on this board. The gauntlet has been thrown.

It’s up to the players to do something to excite the crowd. I look for Macon to stroke a few early 3’s! The opening minutes give the hogs a chance to put a grip on the game. If they do that the crowd will make it tough on the Aggies.
Keep them off the free throw line and off the offensive glass.
One thing I noticed in the Texas A&M vs Missouri game the pressure was what got to the freshmen point guard. He hit the ball well when he was able to get going but he couldn’t handle pressure on him! Robert William missed a lot of contested shots inside and looked uncomfortable.
Gafford needs to stay on the floor and out of foul trouble. His rebounding is the key.

The fans have a corresponding responsibility to bring it if they claim to deserve the accolades heaped on them by the media, which I contend we do not. They are average at best. Any crowd can cheer when things are going well. It takes an exceptional bunch to make noise when the home team is down by ten and just turned the ball over, but that’s what is needed, energy. We don’t have it. My dream is to have the crowd yelling for a two-shot free throw and continue to yell after the first shot with no letup. That would be amazing, unprecedented.

In the old days it happened all the time. I know I’ve been there. The LSU home loss this year proved this team can get beat by anybody and to beat OU in the Nike it proved we are just as capable of beating anybody.
The hogs need to play solid defense and take care of the ball! The offense will come they don’t have to force everything inside. I think making 3’s will open up the lane for Gafford and the drive to the basket. If the hogs can shoot 45% I think we win by 15.

I can’t remember the last time Macon has hit some early threes. Seems like a long time ago. Lately, his first few shots have been way off.

The last few games they have passed up outside open shots to try to force the ball down low!

As someone who is pretty consistent at home games, I can assure you this isn’t accurate. Yes, when things are going well, the energy of the fans goes up, but there’s been plenty of occasions where fans get up and start cheering when things are going wrong to try to get the boys fired up.

Those signs the students hold up that say, “Old people yell!” are not a statement of fact, they’re an exhortation, command, or request. Unfortunately, they don’t know how to use a comma. The sign speaks volumes.

I’ve seen that sign many times. Fact is, most of the people closest to the court are older because they can afford those tickets and yes, their not going to yell or stand for the whole game because I’m pretty sure most can’t. Something young people don’t think about. My grandfather was VERY active in the game until he got type 2 diabetes in his early 60’s. He still went, but couldn’t do what he usually did.

Correction: The sign is, “OLD PEOPLE MAKE NOISE”, but the meaning is the same; and courtside or upper level, if you can stand and yell, you should.

That said, today’s crowd was not bad, probably tbe best of the year, helped by a few early 3s, being down on the officials, and the Aggies never really threatening.

Tuesday we’ll have to bring the heat to Barnhill levels. Today was just a warmup. Then turn it up again for Auburn.