Hawgball is improving, but a long way to go.

Auburn hammered Tennessee in Knoxville, so Saturday doesn’t look promissing either. Not going to win any games on the road knocking down throws like they did last night, there’s a negative mental game developing on the FT line. The kids played hard, just kinda choked in the end, improve on the FT line, and knock down the trey, and play better D in the last 4:00 mins, and they will get a cpl wins on the road, not on Saturday though, Auburn is ballin out right now on a different level, and their more motivated than we’re, because being picked 12th in the SEC.

I totally agree with you on this one, they got into a better tempo in the 2nd half.
However, down the stretch they took some poor shots by guys that hadn’t had a hot hand all game and their half court defense has to improve as well as rebounding.
Their lack of getting on the boards I believe is a key reason they don’t get into the bonus until late in a half if at all and when they do get to the line the aren’t shooting it well enough even Macon making 1of 2 on many attempts this year.
I was encouraged to see Bailey get more minutes in the 2nd half because he gives us so much more than either Thomas or Clark with his athleticism and ability to get points, rebounds. Steals and energy.
I’ve said all along 10-8 at best in conference and I stand by that.

Go Hogs!