Hawgball is getting better and better by the day..

There really shouldn’t be anyone they can’t play with when they knock off the turnovers. Still need to look at getting the ball inside on every possession better. You got to get the ball in the paint on the road, like at Texas in a few games.

Showed some improvements and Macon seems to be getting more comfortable. I liked the way we looked when we were in our zone defense,we sealed off the drives down the middle that we didn’t do in the man defense. I like what you posted about getting the ball inside, the ball needs to go inside to Moses when he’s in the position to make something happen once he catches the ball. Also I would like to see our big guys when on defense stop pursuing thier man out past the top of the key and being ineffective on D because they are so far out of position to help, make the oppositions big guys hit some shots out there first ! Everyone we play will try and have been sucessful at pulling Moses away from the basket, you keep Moses in the lane on D and his shot blocking will go through the roof and it will stop him from having to sprint back into the lane and fouling over from over the back and this goes for Thompson who is slower than MK. Our full court press was ineffective but will get better when our new guys get a better understanding of trapping and being relentless, the problem is not that we’re not atheletic enough. Overall we looked pretty good and have the man power to be very good if we continue to improve daily. WPS

The defense was solid. Houston lost to LSU because they had a horribly off game, but they played well against us. Our defense held the NCAA leading 3 point shooting team(46%) to just 36% and kept their big men from getting involved.

The most impressive thing to me so far is two things people always complain about Anderson coached teams is rebounding and FT. In 8 games, we’ve only been outrebounded once and shot under 75% from the FT line once. We’ve been very solid up to this point.

Texas will be a good measure on a neutral floor(hahahaha) to see where we are.

Great points.

We are 15th (!) in the country from the foul line, 77.6%. http://www.ncaa.com/stats/basketball-me … eam/150/p1

We are 71st in the country in rebounding margin, 5.4 per game. http://www.ncaa.com/stats/basketball-me … eam/151/p2

Those are winning numbers.

The only thing I’m upset about this game was fan attendance.

I was there and it seemed like maybe 4,000 people were there for tip off and about mid way through the 1st half another 4,000 showed up. Pitiful! It’s not like this was some scrub team we played and we couldn’t even fill half the arena.

I wonder if someone could help me out with the possibility of moving time slots for games.

The reason I bring that up is on Dec. 29th our football team plays VT at 4p.m. and our basketball team plays a home game against a ranked Florida at 6p.m. Since it’s a home game, can Jeff Long get the bball game pushed back an hour or two? Because I’m afraid we might not have many fans show up to help our boys in a HOME GAME, when they might be watching the football game instead.

I thought that was a good crowd, given it was a 6 pm start on a weekday, it was televised and the way attendance has been lately. I think there is too much complaining about the fans. I have to admit though that when I got to the arena 30 minutes before the game, it looked like there were maybe 20 fans.

The Florida game time is dictated by TV Network. I don’t know if Jeff Long has that much of an influence to get TV networks to move game time.

Fair enough. I understand it was right as people were getting off work, I understand it’s finals week for the students, and I understand it was a weeknight. BUT, my original point about who we were playing should have driven a larger crowd still stands. With Houston, there’s history and big gains in terms of RPI. I’ve seen fans show up for lesser teams in greater numbers, so to not have the arena half full is still sad.

The Florida game is on the SEC Network, but Tennessee and A&M are suppose to play after them. I just wonder if Long can get them to switch slots.

I totally agree with what you said. This team is improving, and it is certainly entertaining to watch, not sure what the deal is there. I would think the SEC home opener against FL will be a sell out or close. There are going to be a couple games this yr when Hannah’s, Macon, Kingsley, Beard, and Barford are all on, and they’re going to pretty good.

I really hate this format. I haven’t been on here in months. Maybe all year. The hogs are improving a lot. GHG