Hawgball defense was better tonight

Started off way too slow though, Arkansas doesn’t really match up well against Minnesota and lil P, especially if they start out in a hole like tonight. Minnesota isn’t CSU, they won’t let you out of a hole, like CSU did tonight. Offensively, Arkansas’ much better if they look to get the ball inside, everytime down the court, and then punch it out for a wide open shot, if it’s not there in the paint. Gafford picked up a cpl silly fouls, but he was the spark that got them going, along with CJ Jones. I think Barford may have hit the weights a little too hard the last cpl days, you can tell, he had just a little too much power on the free throws, but when he stepped out beyond the 3 pt line, swish…

Minnesota is probably the best overall team we’ve played so far. Some will disagree, and say NC was, but we played NC after a tough game against Oklahoma, and NC had an easy game against Portland, and they got to sit and rest, while watching ARK. I think right now, Minnesota would beat NC…

Played very well on defense tonight. Didn’t realize until reading the articles that Arkansas didn’t have it’s first turnover till the 2nd half, very good.

What impressed me most was you expect after an embarrassing loss that our Seniors would step up and get us on the right track, that didn’t happen. It was our young guys in Gafford, Jones, and Hall that got us firing on all cylinders. Very impressed with the spark those 3 young men provided.

I’ve been very vocal about it’s a good thing that Gafford is coming off the bench. Well, for the Minnesota game, I think Gafford needs to start. They’ve got 3 big men his size and they can play defense, BUT from the games I’ve seen them play, Gafford’s skill set is where Minnesota’s big men struggle. Minnesota’s big men are basically anchors to clog the paint. Murphy is the only one with any major athleticism, but Gafford being more athletic has an advantage over them all. With Cook back in the lineup, I’d be tempted to see Gafford and Thompson start together. With Gafford’s passing ability and decent jump shot, he might be able to draw the defender away from the basket and leave Gafford one on one with their big man. I’d take that matchup. Just a thought.

Side note: Hall jumping completely over one of CSU’s guards to not foul him and force him to travel was quite hilarious. Also impressive was Gafford’s steal that led to a dunk and Holmes dipsy doovy prayer shot that went in.

Extra side note: Minnesota just had an bad road loss against Nebraska. So they will either be hungry coming Arkansas or have a hangover from last night. Either way, we’ve got to jump on them quick and force them to chase us the whole game.

other than the slow start, rectified by the young men who came off bench, last nights performance was what we needed. Minnesota will be a stern test because of their size and toughness, a typical big 10 squad. i’d be tempted to tinker with a starting 5 that included Gafford, Thompson, Bailey, Macon and Barford. granted Thompson and Bailey are only scorers around basket, but Thompson really is more of a pg in a center’s body as he is best at top of key looking for cutters. that would put Beard coming off bench, inserting some needed experience with second group, delivering passes to open shooters like Jones and Hall who have stepped up.

we need to get Macon going Saturday night, he’s been off the last few games. his perimeter shooting is paramount to out success this season. Barford and Macon should get 15+ points a game for us to be our best. go hogs

I can’t see that (NC losing to MINN). I watched MINN’s lose to Nebraska … they seem a bit slow and very dependent on two players. I’m looking for the Hogs to push hard on the breaks. As was the case with Houston, the Hogs need to toughen up a bit …get both a bit more physical in the lane and (uncommon to Anderson’s teams) get to the boards. I was surprised to see CSUs smaller lineup beating the Hogs to the boards. If you let Minnesota control the boards, it will be a long night. As I said though, most of Coach Anderson’s teams are weak on the boards.