Hawg Fans, a really weird idea, and a two year pass

is on the horizon, IMO. BB’s contract currently runs through the 2020 season.

Everyone knows that Long loves him some Bielema and doesn’t want him fired. And, at the conclusion of this season will ask him for his plan to turn the program around.

BB’s plan is going to include leaving his beloved smash-mouth offense behind in favor of a more wide open offensive attack that will be aided by a dual-threat QB. But, But, But. . .more speed and athleticism is needed on both sides of the ball; he will need more time to recruit the athletes necessary to better execute said changes.

That will result in a two (2) year pass, with a mandate from JL that 2020, has to be a successful season producing 9 to 10 regular season wins.

And, of course, somewhere in that three year period JL will extend his contract, likely with a buy-out that more tailored to BB’s talents shown as Arkansas HC.

No, no, no!

CBB will agree to abandon his smash mouth football approach. LOL! I love my Hogs but I laughed everytime the Hogs ran the ball on 1st and 2nd downs!! Of course we’ve always owned Ole Miss down in the trenches on offense so I guess I credit CBB for sticking with HIS game plan. The winning drive featured almost nothing but runs in order to set up the winning fg with a few seconds left. That looked to be the game ending plan! Incredible. But I respect CBB’s guts and confidence in this game I guess. I was not suprised we came back from such a large deficit because we have young speedy playmakers and gutsy QB as cornerstone of potentially explosive and balanced offense. And I would like to see us get a top tier dual threat QB in recruiting because there were several run plays designed for Cole Kelley out of the shot gun and few zone read plays. But obviously smashmouth football not going away anytime soon (in the next two years) …unless we mix it up a bit against LSU? On early downs? Lol. We must now be getting that good upfront and in a rhythm? And I llook forward to CBB’s offensive approach standing up to Miss State as well. JMO but I don’t know. But WOOPIG anyway : )

Guys, Ole Miss stinks and we barely won. Nothing impressive to see here! We will win our next game and then lose at home against MSU, then lose to LSU and then a toss up game against Mizzou. So we’re looking at a 4-5 win season, Bielema’s 5th.

If he hasn’t been able to recruit the players he needs to win in 5 years why would anyone think he’ll be able to in the next 2 years? Bielema is not ready for the SEC so we better try to find someone who is!

I agree with smashmouth about this win against a horrible Ole Miss team not changing the Hogs fortunes if they continue to move forward with Coach Bielema’s offensive approach.
I would also agree that they have little to no chance at LSU and against MSST at home so, that leaves an outside chance of a 5-7 season if we can manage to beat Missouri which I don’t think is going to be easy because they will score a lot of points on our defense as everyone else has done.
If for some reason Coach Bielema doesn’t get fired or just steps away on his own then he needs to abandon his offensive philosophy and get a mobile dual threat quarterback, Cole Kelly isn’t the type of QB we need going forward to make a difference.
Also, he’d better find himself a different D-Coordinator because we give up to many huge plays every week and even today. I mean if not for that fumbled exchange between the Ole Miss QB and RB today would have been yet another loss, but extremely happy we had that good fortune for once.
Oh, and he’d better find himself some O-Linemen or develop some better than what they’ve done recently because that O-Line has been porous all season.

A hearty “AMEN!” to both preceding posts. That’s the gospel truth.

Mates, the OP was posted at 10:37 AM Saturday, well before the Ark/Ole Miss kickoff and the comments offered were made with no thoughts of the outcome of the game.

And they certainly were not intended an endorsement of BB as head coach.

The OP is just an offered scenario of BB’s attempt(s) to keep his job when JL meets with him to discuss this season and BB’s plans for the 2018 season, if he is retained.

“Dead Man Walking” will promise anything that comes to mind to continue his life. So, a coach, if he has any intelligence, will promise to make drastic changes because that what coaches on the “hotseat” do. Damned sure can’t say he will stand pat.

Not an opinion based on performance, just a WAG about what a coach may do or say to save his job.

I will express an opinion now; if BB does offer to make drastic changes, Jeff Long will accept anything from BB that will allow him to go to his press conference and make excuses to justify retaining BB.

How’s that?