Has Mizzou ever won a game before? 😂

They acted like they just won the Super Bowl after that game today… Arkansas is what 3 and like 5 or 6, and unranked right?

I have no idea why Pittman was going for 2 in that situation? If he had run out all the time, and then went for 2, that would have made some sense. In games like that, it’s about trying to have the ball last, because there was no defense at all…

But anyway, congratulations to Mizzou, nice hard fought win, you guys were the better team today. :smirk:

I think it comes with snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. I don’t blame Pittman for trying to run down the clock before scoring and I thought it was the right decision to go for two. In the end he was right, the Hog defense just could not stop their offense from the beginning of the 4th quarter on. There was no pressure on their quarterback who was a cool hombre. Tyler Badie was fresh and looked like our defense was just worn out. The most positive thing to take from this game is that kJ is a player like we thought he was.

I think it comes from they really wanted that win badly, probably because the DC use to be their HC.
They definitely threw everything and the kitchen sink at Arkansas to win though. Arkansas has some tremendously talented young studs, that will not only be successful in CFB, but also the NFL. Treylon Burks will go in the top half of the 1st round probably after one more yr of CFB, that cat is 4 real, best young receiver I’ve seen since I coached AJ Green at Summerville high school, outside of Charleston, SC. If Treylon works on his craft all off season, he will be a top 30 draft pick, and will star in the NFL…
And Jalen Catalon can flat out ball, he’s going to be a star in the NFL, if he continues on, and perfects his craft.

Generally, you want to leave no time on the clock if you go for two, especially in a game like that. But that did not matter in that game, the Defense was non existent pretty much all day.

Mizzou did act like they just won the Super Bowl though…LOL…

I have family that are Mizzou grads - sweet people

But they get reflexive when they see arKANSAS on the schedule

They hate KANSAW and Arkansas just happens to be close enough in name and lettering - to make them reflectivity hate us

Add Mizzou is motivated to play insignificance end of year games as they have for over a century vs UKANSAW

Arkansas need to get its act together win this and focus on games that matter like Bama, Auburn, TAMU and LSU

We don’t - well I fear we will become U arKANSAS

And Mizzou is always motivated to beat anything with KANSAS in its name - they are like Pavlova’s Dog that way

We need to start taking Mizzou more seriously. I live right on the Ar Mo line. They don’t consider Arkansas to be a real threat to them. Most Arkansas fans don’t think Mizzou deserves much respect. But the facts are we haven’t beaten them but 1 time in 7 or 8 years. It’s time to get serious about them. Until we can win one of these games, my holidays with family from Missouri are ruined.

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I think we already have except Kansas beat them 50 percent of the time

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Good observations
I think we take them seriously we start winning snd move on to bigger games

Sadly fir Mizzou playing Arkansas is a game fir them - us - we need to beat them snd move on

Hard to argue with that comment

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