HA's 2016 3rd Annual Hog Call Champion

We had a record 72 entries for the 3rd Annual Hog Call 2016 Championship. All entries were made this past September on WHS with deadline of 9/3. While this year was eventually disrupted by the WHS and the Hawg Illustrated merger, this year’s winner is actively engaged.

Arkansas finished 7-5. The below all predicted the 7-5 finish.

joymtnhawg 7-5, #18, 32TD
aaucoach11121306 7-5, #23, 16TD
HonestAbeHog 7-5, #25, 25TD
Gilmo 7-5, UR, 16TD
hogjohn 7-5, UR, 20TD
HogAuthority 7-5, UR, 22TD
Jimmy Carter 7-5, UR, 25TD
Rick Fires 7-5, NA, NA
Tom Murphy 7-5, NA, NA
Bob Holt 7-5, NA, NA

The first tie breaker is Arkansas’s AP ranking after 12th game. Hogs are Unranked. The below predicted Arkansas to finish 7-5 and be Unranked.

Gilmo 7-5, UR, 16TD
hogjohn 7-5, UR, 20TD
HogAuthority 7-5, UR, 22TD
Jimmy Carter 7-5, UR, 25TD

The 2nd tiebreaker was number of TD’s passes thrown by Austin Allen during the season. He finished with 23TD’s. The below is our 2016 Hog Call Champion


HogAuthority picked Hogs to finish 7-5, Unranked and 22TDs by Austin Allen. Jimmy Carter of WHS is Runner up Champion having picked Hogs to finish 7-5, Unranked and 25TDs by Austin Allen.

Great job with your predictions, HA. I bet you, a lot of homers screaming, cursing at you for predicting that. They truly and stupidly expected the Hogs to beat Alabama and win SEC this year. Anything less, that person (to them) is a Hogs hater.

Thanks for the work HA.
Would you consider to add the SEC record as the #2 tie-breaker before the ranking? It’s definitely more meaningful than the # of TD.

81, I think we can consider all suggestions. Every year the chatter is a tad different. This summer, the vast majority had 8, 9, or 10 wins. Arkansas was Preseason AP #18; the first tiebreaker was based on whether that would stand as Hogs had never finished in Top 25 under CBB. The next big thing at the time was clatter around the Allen brothers; many did not favor CBB naming him the starter in the summer. His number of TD’s was intended to provoke candid thought about what the kid could really do.

Well, like the Hogs themselves, I came within two quarters in Missouri of success…

Thanks for explaining.
Yeah I remember seeing those homers comments.
Should have had CBB “Coach of the Year” as one of the tie-breakers according to them.

Well I’m 2-3 in your annual predictions. Missed it by one last year.
I’m glad I didn’t get watch any games this year, cause it would’ve added more stress on me than what I already had…“Building a house”! Listen to it on the radio tho, still made me sick. Could only imagine how bad it was on TV or in person.

THANKS HogAuthority for keeping records of all of our predictions. And congratulations on winning it all. :wink: Let’s look forward to next year’s 2017 predictions contest, after the bowl game. What do you think the Hogs chances are in the Belk Bowl, HA?

I would not bet against CBB nor the Hogs for this game. I think the mediocrity pattern of win, lose, win, lose win, lose continues so a Win is next and logical. CBB and team were horribly embarrassed against Mizzou. I will stop short of saying it is a must win game, but it is an incredibly important game for CBB. It will be Long summer otherwise.