Halftime Thoughts

How many mistakes can we make in a half, Good Grief! :?
Our D has played very well! Except for this QB run thing, hurts my eyes!
AA is just a baller.
We are starting to will the battle of the trenches.
This is a mental game for us! Hate those!

The only solace I can take in that horrendously sloppy half is that, often times, when you let a team stick around that has turned the ball over as many times as we have, it bites you in the ass in the end.

I suppose that could work for both teams, however.

That’s what I’m afraid of

The inability to recruit top offensive linemen will prevent us from running the play action type offense that Bielema wants. It’s going to be a tough year and the years to come.

More Nuttball. WE won the time of possession tonight and thats it. Until the GOBN is gone and we can get and keep a guy like Bobby here its going to keep being just like this EVERY SINGLE YEAR !! They had their championship now they just want to control the program and make a buck.

Team had played pretty good. Lots of mental mistakes both offense and defense. This team is good not great. We have a shot against everyone except Alabama. WPS!!!

All those failures to power it in from inside the 5 yard line. That O Line does not appear close to SEC ready. Bielema should be able to beat that in his fourth year. Then you add the turnovers. Just not winning football on the road. Dallas is the road. I have never liked that Dallas idea since Texas A&M entered the SEC. You see me never challenge our poster on his good old boy network contentions. There has been way too much of that trash up there for decades. Those people do not take the gridiron, have not for many past decades. Those past decades is where they need to stay. Let’s get the hell out of Dallas.