HA Question of the Day?

If CBB were to resign after any of the upcoming games, would you consider that CBB walked away from his team during the season leaving them high and dry, or do you think he would have resigned out of best interest for the team and/or his career :?:

High and dry, but if you listened to all those “butt hurt” Wisky fans when he came here, we should expect it.

There no way he steps down durning the season. He will finish the year and he’ll be our coach next year! Look at this in a realistic way.
The team is young and should be better next year. Jeff Long has already said that we are not a win at all cost school. If next season isn’t positive and competence my guess would be they may make changes after next year.

Ten days ago I would have agreed. I now think the Missouri game will be his last.

You know after I posted earlier, I’ve seen some “insiders” who are indicating that Bret gave up on the team, and the team has given up on Bret. If that’s true, he’s gone.

I usually stand down on my questions, but your statement “win at all cost intrigues me” What does that really mean? I have heard it before, but I don’t know that I follow ANY school that has a win at all cost philosophy? Do you suggest my alma mater The University of Arkansas was ever a win at all cost school?

I get a few individuals may commit illegal crimes in the name to get an unfair advantage over other schools, but please explain where the UA Fayetteville (since I am on WHS) has ever engaged in a win at all cost philosophy? Long might as well said we will not teach our players to steal, it is and should be a given. We pay hefty salaries salaries because we expect to win PERIOD. It is to win within all cost of the coaches.

Bert is such a stubborn ignoramus he will never quit. He currently thinks the Hogs are doing good, victory is just around the corner!

I think the “big boy” football soon to come may be very telling, HA.

What are you talking about?
Hogs’ interests are never one of his.
Secondly, his HC (at Power-5) career is OVER, and he should know it.
He will ask for the last $ dollar he can ask for or is entitled to.
So sad !!!


I agree with you - I think CBB stays. Enos will leave however unless CBB lets him have control of an offense that - with Cole - can be dynamic, use its speed, and stop being predictable.

There is a huge downside to CBB staying (besides the obvious ones). Even with Cole at QB next year - with all that potential and grit, I can’t see the Hogs trying to line up and run the ball again - they do not have the horses to do that - and CBB will have to let that go. If that is CBBs game plan and he’s going to stick to that, he needs to move on. Yes - O lines are necessary but speed, agility, and grit are on the menu first in the SEC.

Agree 100%,he has another year left I firmly believe. WPS

Jeff Long made a statement to the Touchdown club a few weeks ago about Coach BB and said that we are not a win at all cost school!
That was in support of the coach. Also I don’t want a win at all cost cheating coach.
I want a coach to play to win! It start with preparing a team and keeping the kids motivated.
Something this staff does a poor job of doing. It’s just my thought that Jeff Long will not pull the plug this year.

If you don’t play to win in the most competitive football conference, you will get eaten alive. The Ivy League schools play for fun and sportsmanship. The SEC schools with the possible exception of Vandy all play to win. Sure, there are schools that flagrantly cheat (Ole Miss is the latest), but the majority of the SEC schools are no better or worse than other Power 5 conferences.

I can assure you that the major donors to the program all played to win in their business or they would not have the money to donate to the program. This is not a snowflake game where everyone gets a trophy and we never say that anyone loses because it might hurt their self esteem. You either play to win or we need to withdraw from the SEC and join a less competitive league. The bottom line is either get good enough to compete or get out and go to a league where it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose.

He will be fired this season, plain and simple.

The fan base has lost hope, and hope will be what fills the stands next year, had there been no stadium expansion Bret might have gotten next year. But, there was, and he’s toast. Everyone that isn’t a typical blind optimist fan sees that he will be fired, and are now saying it and saying it needs to be done. Insiders are saying that looks like the trend as well. He’s gone. Which will be better for the program in the long run.

If there is one thing I know for a fact to be true. It is that Time wil either expose you, or promote you. Time has exposed Bret, he was a big pot of fools gold.