Gus fired!

I may look back on this in 3-4 yrs and say we made a mistake, but I think Sam Pittman can coach. I don’t know if he can motivate, to the level at which he has to motivate to win here, that takes time to learn, and you cannot be worried about everyone liking what you’re going to say.

But again, I think he can coach. I’m a little concerned about his game management skills, after that two pt conversion? WTF?? But I think he can coach. I think he can recruit. And honestly, getting at least 3 wins this season was a pretty decent job.

So NO! I would keep what we have, the Gus bus has departed, he had a chance a cpl yrs ago as I recall, and Arkansas wasn’t even worth talking to barely, I believe he got a raise out of it in fact.

The bottom line is, can Arkansas win an SEC Championship and therefore a National Championship with this coach? The answer is still I don’t know, but I do know he can coach.

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The Gus Bus has left the station and it stalled somewhere on a deserted road. I never believed he could win the SEC at Arkansas. If he could only do it one time at Auburn where it is easier to recruit then he would not do it at Arkansas. I think I read where he averaged like 8 wins a year at Auburn. That would probably make most Hog fans happy but it will be harder to do here. Gus has used people to win the lottery including pretending he would leave Auburn to come to Arkansas. As the old Grassroots song goes: Where were you when I wanted you, where were you when I needed you!
Don’t bother callin.

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