Great year Hogs!

I’m proud with what our basketball team has done this year! 25-9 and goons to the dance is awesome. Thank you Mike Anderson, the staff and players for giving me the enjoyment of watching hawg ball!

definitely a good year, and a good job by CMA melding alot of new players into a cohesive squadron. excited to see us play in the tourney. hopefully this is the first in a long string of NCAA appearances. good things are on the horizon.

I was shocked at halftime. The guy that was talking said he thought we were a Sweet 16 team. That is the first time I’ve heard any ESPN or CBS guy give us any respect.

There a few folks that have made a similar statement but not Dicky V or any of the big name announcers.

He would probably like to take that prediction back after seeing the draw. Hogs will have difficulty getting out of the first round and if they do they will face NC. I don’t think they can beat NC under any circumstance. The Hogs have had a good year no matter what happens from hear on this season.

We just need to take care of Seton Hall. North Carolina has weaknesses just like we do. They will have a home crowd and get all the calls. But we can beat them. We need to shoot well! The committee tries every year to pair us where we play NC or Louisville. Rather when we make the dance they do. You can beat on this they were lucky 2 years ago to win! We are better on the offensive end now ! Look back at that box score.