Great job hogs

Beat a really good team tonight. Great defense.

Hogs did win a must game but they looked good at times and times they were terrible. I can’t understand the up and downs to their game. Players are taking shots they shouldn’t such as the three straight 3 shot attempts by Watkins. Bad judgments seem to kill runs they have.

Sorry you missed my sarcasm

Did what we needed to do and got the win, there was about 8 to 9 minutes in the first half that I thought we played some of the best defense of the season. WPS

No matter what our neighbor pessimist oink says, it was a win and for the most part a good one.

Still things lacking but also lots of good going on.

Now we have to win on the road again.

Any win is a good one. But these droughts of not scoring and poor defense for extended periods of time need to be addressed. The Hawgs also need to put a series of wins together instead of alternating wins and losses.8-8, 9-7, and maybe 10-6 may not get the Hawgs in the Tournament. A signature win against a tournament quality team is essential. Florida, Vanderbilt, or South Carolina will be needed. A win in the SEC Tournament would seal the deal if we are a bubble team. Can they do it? Yes. Will they? Recent history doesn’t bode well. As always, its up to the players. Leadership will be the key. Who will step up. Moses and Dusty are the logical candidates. But if they don’t, Macon, Barford, or Watkins could provide the leadership. But someone needs to step up.

I agree, there was tremendous improvement on the boards tonight. Only a couple times did they allow Missouri to get a better rebounding lane. Need to still keep getting better on the offensive glass, they need to assume every shot will miss, and always try and get a 2nd opportunity. Mike coached a very good game tonight, he found good combinations of players all night tonight.
In the last 3;00 mins, if we’re up above 10 or more, we need to make sure we run the shot clock down better, get penetration, and try and get on the line. Mizzou has been competitive in most games, they will get better as the season wears on. Still got a lot of work to do to get back into tourney consideration IMHO…

This was a must win game and we did enough to do just that. However, certainly I can’t agree that they beat a really good team because that is factually simply not the case. The basketball program at Missouri is now and has been since shortly after Coach Anderson’s departure as their HC a complete disaster, they are a horrible team.
I watched ever minute of this game and I would say that overall we had much better depth which was probably the key factor to our victory.
Not that we use our depth as I would like to see, but our depth was much better than What Missouri could put on the floor. Especially, in the case of the Barnett (possibly the best player on either team) kid getting into early foul trouble.

I do like seeing a lineup with both Kingsley / Thompson on the floor together because it gives us some toughness on the backend and allows are guards to be more aggressive with traps and getting in passing lanes which leads to turnovers and transition baskets. Coach A can use Cook, Thomas, Bailey and Hazen as his rotational rest givers at the 3-5 positions.

Start 3 guards with Moses and Trey.

i would also like to see CJ Jones get more minutes, it appears that he gives us another scorer and his athleticism seems to be disruptive on defense. I would hope to see Hazen get more minutes, you can’t tell me that he could not play the spot that Dustin Thomas currently plays too much. More of Cook,Bailey and Hazen and pull back some of Thomas minutes.

Hope we have a good week to get back over 500 in conference, but Coach A will need to recognize changes that need to be made and start allowing his young players to develope and contribute. Go Hogs!

Oink, I didn’t miss it. I was just stating my thoughts. I knew where you were coming from.

They have to get tougher. Rebounding is killing us and your right, someone has to step up and be the floor leader, my guess it is AB. Plus CMA needs to be tougher as well. When they had him wired the other night, I thought he was talking to a pee wee basketball team. When Nolan was here, you could hear him across the floor barking at the boys. CMA grew up with Nolan, he needs to start coaching like him.