Got to do a better job of not losing guys in the paint, and the FT shooting was horrible tonight.

We gave up way too many easy backdoor lay up shots tonight, and they were tired in the 2nd half, both teams were, so we missed a ton of free throws. Moses is developing into a very solid all around player, his only issue is he still allows guys to push him around a little in the paint on defense. We threw the ball away with bad passes tonight too much also. LSU is better than their record indicates, they are going to be solid in a yr or so…Good adjustments to timely zone defenses by MA tonight, which really was the main reason Arkansas stopped LSU’s little run there in the 2nd half. Need to make sure we stay hydrated, really shouldn’t be cramping up in January. Arkansas is getting better, but there is zero room for error. Two tough road games this week…

A win but it was not pretty! It would have been nice to see us blow LSU out and not let them hang around. The turn overs by the hogs were careless and keep it close along with giving up layups and dunks there was no defense by the hogs and it showed. Too many bad fouls and poor decisions.
If you play like that on defense against Vandy it may be a loss. We need to win the next 5 games.

Arkansas was 11-11 from the free throw line in the first half, 14-of-24 in the second half and 25-35 from the game.

They are shooting 76 percent for the season and shot 71 in this game.

Cook was 4-7, Kingsley 3 of 7, Barford 4-7

Hannahs was 6-6, Beard 4-4, Macon 4-4

Dudley, no fair injecting facts…

Guys are being a little to harsh about the game and team. As Dudley pointed out, it was 3 guys who were responsible for our FT misses, so yes, THEY need to work on FT’s but the team as a whole is shooting very well. And yes, there were some defensive break downs, BUT if it wasn’t for LSU going on two runs of making 7-8 straight shots(even while defended properly), then this wouldn’t even be an issue. Most of the game our defense was solid.

You guys must like work in your off time in Trump’s propoganda machine. I don’t want to ever read anything other than I am awesome…LOL… I was just saying we were tired in the second half for some reason, as such the free throws were off. Not exactly debatable… We miss those against Vandy, we lose…

You guys must like work in your off time in Trump’s propoganda machine.

I see you still can’t help but take your petty political jabs. Do us all a favor, stick to the RULES and keep your political jabs and thoughts to yourself.

We are probably the least impressive 15-4 team in the country, but I will take it. Go Hogs!

despite the poor 2nd half FT% and porous defense after we got up 16 was still a decent win. i liked how Barford stepped up when they cut lead to 4, he looks like bull in china shop at times, but other times like in 1st half vs Kentucky he is unstoppable. i think this week will tell us alot about this years team. if we can pull out 2 wins it would speak volumes. neither Vandy or OK St are great this year but both arenas are tough to play in, so 2 wins would bolster RPI big time. WPS

Agree with most of your post, but can’t say allowing 86 points with 49 in the last half to a 9-9 record team much of a solid defensive effort for most of the game. We need to find a solid half court D, out trap defense seems to be improving of late. WPS