Got 'em right where we want them.

Tell me again how good they looked last week… Exposed this week.

We are good. Its called a huge letdown and that is coaching plain and simple. The talent is there to go 8-9 wins. We’ll see. HOGS YA’LL.

I had them at 8-4 with the loss to Florida. Now I’m not so sure we don’t fall to 7-5. This team is lacking in talent. It is too easily exposed and they have no adjustments. Tell me again how star rating are overrated… I actually think 8-4 is a respectable record 9-3 would be fantastic. any better record is not reasonable to expect - for several years. The recruiting and location of Fayetteville is not going to allow a better record without a lucky break or a fluke scheduling. It’s a rare chance we will have a perennial top ten team year and year out. We just don’t and won’t draw that kind of talent year in and year out. A Natty is a chance dream. Plenty of other programs accept this concept; why we don’t I find bizarre.

8-4 is a HDN type of record…why didn’t we just keep him if that is our expectations?

I am reading on here the catch all excuse, “We will never recruit like Alabama”. So what… we already knew that. But CBB was supposed to have the ability to recruit a fantastic offensive line,…personally I have never been impressed with his offensive line. They have never dominated since he has been coach here. I really don’t think his philosophy as a head coach will ever truly have success at Arkansas. We need an innovative coach like the one we had(without the off field issues), and even then, it is going to be tough to beat the elite of the SEC.

I imagine there are lots of people out there in Arkansas that feel the same way I do, but haven’t voiced their opinion mainly because this site is a little harsh and condescending about anyone with an opposite viewpoint. I get it…after the mess that was left after our divorce from the not to be named coach, the PTB decided we needed someone with impeccable moral standards, and they are fighting tooth and nail to promote how good he is. Unfortunately, yesterday’s dumpster dive isn’t going to promote their case. This reminds me of Obamacare…and the rush to put it in place before it was truly ready…and the stubbornness of our current administration to keep it.

I would say keep CBB if he could change his coaching philosophy, but most coaches are settled in on the ways that they operate.

Something needs to change though, unless we are happy with HDN type of records…

Absolutely agree, it starts with the guy that hired him, accepted mediocrity then “expanded” the stadium for the good of the fan base (or was it his pocketbook?)

Ok let’s play this game out. We fire the coach, then we go get a coach who runs a spread, maybe even HUNH, and we get a mobile QB to boot. Now we are up with the times and evenryone is cheering…Yay!!! Only problem is you haven’t thought this through. Let’s walk it step by step.
Since we are now trying to get the same type QB as everybody else in the SEC, where do you think our mobile QB will rank in the list of other mobile SEC QBs? 7th, 8th, or 9th. Great, so now we have the 9th best mobile QB in the SEC. Outstanding. Next, we run the same offense that everyone else runs so no DC has to adjust hardly anything to prep for us. Simply switch a few keys and let it rip. See where this is going guys?
Think guys, the best team we have had in the last decade was 2006. And why was that team so dangerous besides stud at RB. Because we ran a different offense than anyone else in the SEC.

It’s not rocket science, teams that win, do it with defense.
Our offense is fine. Sometimes you just have to win a game by a score of 10-7 or in that neighborhood.

Where are clay and Dudley? Nothing from them. They are selling the brand, their brand. Duds can’t even make a comment without telling US how stupid we are. Pitiful, and I pay for it

I agree with you. The offense is fine. The defense is just not getting it done. That is where a change needs to be made. By the current defensive staff, or by a new one. I must say that I hope Rhodes stays with us, regardless. I have seen major strides in the secondary play this year.