Good win

Arkansas could become a solid football team if they would knock out the penalties. Their first two drives stalled out, because of false start penalties. Then that white dude that plays LB made one of the greatest linebacker plays in the history of the school, and Arkansas penalized themselves out of that opportunity.

This team if they’re focussed, and knock out the mistakes, can play with anyone in the nation though…

Treylon Burks isn’t just going to get drafted in the 1st round in April, if he listens to his coaches, he has the ability to be a Hall of Fame WR in the NFL. It’s a job though, he has to workout religiously, study the playbook religiously, and don’t let outside distractions get in the way…

This offensive line will be critical down the stretch, if they block Bama and LSU well, they’ll have a chance.

We seem to have an unhealthy obsession with the False Start Penalty. WE just seem to do it about 4 to 5 times a game.

In fact on the go ahead TD there at the end. I thought for a second the LT was just a hair quick and we were gonna get a flag, but it didn’t fly and the rest is history now.

Just wish we could clean up the false starts for sure. They are true drive killers.

Yeah, I agree. Arkansas is on the cusp of becoming a really good football team, that could win a bowl game, if they would knock out the penalties. Obviously the next two road environments, especially under the lights in Baton Rouge, will be much more difficult in that regard, due to the noise also. The coaches will have to bring out the loud speakers, etc, to get them ready to handle the noise , especially the check offs on the OL… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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