Good D tonight, will have to shoot 200% better Tuesday

Auburn might block more shots than any team in CBB history, so Arkansas isn’t winning a fight in the paint, they have to shoot well to have a chance at knocking off a #1, which hasn’t happened in a long-long time, if ever…

Auburn lacks discipline. They almost got beat at Georgia today they long enough by 2! Don’t be surprise if the hogs beat them. It will be a challenge.
If the hogs play defense in that game like they did tonight it will be a good game.

Yeah, Arkansas D’d up tonight intelligently and disciplined. I loved MA like he was a brother, there probably are few finer people on the entire planet than MA, but he didn’t really spend a great deal of time on film work. Clearly Mussleman understands his opponents b/c of film study, at a very high level. They knew if they played strong Defense when they broke to the hole, and forced them to shoot the rock from the perimeter, they would have a good chance, and it worked out okay yesterday.

Auburn has 197 blocked shots, like over 40 more than the second best team in the nation. Obviously the challenge is great, but the reward will be great as well. Arkansas hasn’t beaten a #1 in their bldg in a very long time, if ever. I think if they could pull it off, it would be a first actually… And it would make the experts look silly. An unranked team beating the #1, will definitely call into question their polls. But Arkansas is going to have to play the game of their lives, shoot the ball as well as they did at GA. Pearl is a smart guy, he called his horses off yesterday, for two reasons. 1. His back up’s were good enough to get the W. 2. He knew Arkansas is kind of not that bright, they would underestimate/get cocky about his team, if the score was close…

I don’t think Pearl called off anything yesterday his team’s shot selection is beyond horrible and when that’s not dropping they are very beatable.How the game is called will be incredibly important,they are going to attack the rim trying to get Jay will in foul trouble because they know we have absolutely nobody else that is capable of playing any kind of Defense in the paint.

The defense will have to win this game because that is the only way we’re going to be able to establish any kind of offensive prowess.we have to keep them off the glass because they average 17 offensive rebounds a game. We do that we will be able to get out and transition and have a chance to score. When Kessler is in the game you basically have no chance to score around the goal.
Their biggest weakness is their shot selection the two little Tasmanian devils think they’re the greatest basketball players that have ever played and that can be their own detriment in a crowd that is going to be as hostile as BW. We can pull this off but we are going to have to do a lot of things very well

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Bruce Pearl has an exceptionally high IQ, he’s right up there with Mike Kryzewski and Jimmy Boeheim in intelligence, there’s a reason he worked hard also from day one to bring in Flanigan and Desi, he knew if he could get Desi, he would have a chance at getting his high school friend and teammate J Will, and then that would be a future pipeline against a team he has to play every yr.

Again, you’re dealing with exceptional intelligence here, yes, he knew EXACTLY what he was doing in Athens also.

The reason the game was close and Athens is because Auburn couldn’t throw it in the ocean. Pearl was extremely lucky to pull that one out… Auburn will shoot its way out of a game just like they will blow open a game all depends on your defense on them and how well they’re shooting. If we can stick to them with tight defense and they call the game loosely and not call ticky tacky fouls we will be in the game to the end with a great chance to pull it out.
Muss he is no dummy, this is not his first rodeo

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Not really accurate there my friend. The best defensive player in the SEC was out, and their sixth man, started in his place, and ran out of gas. That, and Auburn had a huge lead in the 1st half, and kind of lost their focus a little.

That’s not the same team that will be coning into our house tomorrow night. It will take all hands on deck, and shooting the ball at an extremely high level to have a chance…

No its very accurate,they shot the ball terribly as they have been known to do on the road and why all their road games have been close for the most part.They are very talented team but the 2 G have gotten a little too much out of control and will make or break their team,they have 0 discipline and that is Pearl’s fault but they will shoot extemely well and they will be almost impossible to beat or they will shoot you right back into the game or give you a chance to be way ahead bc they are not going to back off,they think they are better than they are IMO.How the game is called will be a HUGE part of the game tomorrow night.Kessler is by far the best defensive player in the SEC,totally eliminates inside game and why everyone else is so aggressive,they know he has their back
We can’t get JD or J will in FT and have to sit for a long time and win,can’t call all the pinky finger fouls.They have to let us play hardball with them and get them off their game and then I think we will win but close called game spells Doom for us.

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Billy, you know better than to waste your time with Ronald McJeffrey, lol.

What’s sad is this clown Jeremy is such a loser in life, he actually remembers and has held a hate mongrel vendetta now for how long a cpl yrs?? bawwaahhhaaa,

The most likely scenario is unless Arkansas shoots the ball exceptionally well, Auburn wins this game in a blow out, something like 83-67…

And even if I believed Arkansas was going to win 200-10, I wouldn’t say it, only a complete idiot, with the IQ of a turtle, would show their entire hand…

Well Jeremy I really have no idea who he is bc I rarely post on this board.

Trust me, you are better off. He just posts ridiculous stuff to get a rise out of people. He is why I normally avoid the Hawg Lounge like the plague.

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well Auburn is one who will have to shoot the ball extremely well bc they only scored 74 against a Horrendous defensive team in Ga and only 54 I believe against Mizzou… 2 teams we beat by 26 and 44.They shoot the ball like that against us we will win by 6-8 pts

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Auburn will definitely out board and control the paint. My guess is 83-74 in favor of Auburn…

I would trash Jeremy, but I honestly don’t remember him, due to an actual life, imagine that…:innocent:

Well I thought we would win by 6 I missed it by 2


I’ll take the 4

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