Attn: Geniuses,

BYU had 5 players in double figures last night, and shot nearly 40% from the 3, and they still lost by double digits to Gonzaga last night.

So if you want to know how far away you’re from the best team in the nation, I suggest you play that game on demand or whatever.

Because I can tell you if Arkansas matched up with them right now, Gonzaga wins by +20. You’re miles and miles away from competing with the best.

Do you think Gonzaga would be a 20 point plus favorite as they have been with their competition level this year if they were playing in the Big 10 or Big 12?

Gonzaga would be a middle of the pack type team in the Big 10, Big 12 or the SEC. They might be able to move up a little in the PAC 10 or 12 what ever they call that league. Maybe in the ACC they could middle along top 6!
They will get pasted the first weekend.
Overrated and an usual another story that will end with 1 loss by a mid major!


@armyhog are you interested in a wager on Gonzaga?

I do not petend to know who will be the NCAA champs this year, but in the last 20 years, Kentucky and Florida (twice) were champs. I think a lot of SEC fans have the league overrated. We’re good but not overwhelming.

And that matters how? Big Ten is clearly the best league this year. Big Ten also hasn’t won a national title since 2000. The two are not mutually exclusive. Both can be true.

I see why OP is posting on the free board. He loses enough money making stupid bets that he can’t afford the real board.

You must simply have too much money! The Zags won’t cut down the nets. They won’t even survive the sweet 16!!!

Name your bet.

How is this working out for you?

I just keep coming back to this thread and wonder why people comment on things they so clearly don’t understand or follow.

Imagine watching Gonzaga play and thinking that they would be a “middle of the pack type team in the Big 10, Big 12 or the SEC.”

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I will not stop beating a dead horse

Or being a jackass, apparently. Nobody cares about Gonzaga here. 90-91 UNLV would totally truck these dudes.

No way. Those guys are all old and fat and LJ’s back is shot

Says the guy who literally started a thread entitled “Gonzaga”

It was an exciting game for sure and the Bruins proved to be a better team than their record indicated and I think they probably gave the Bears some ideas how to play Gonzaga. The Zags are very good, but last night their defense seemed vulnerable. If Baylor can create similar mismatches off the switching defense with their outstanding guards, it could be interesting.

Zags had to work much harder than the Bears yesterday.
See what they have left in the tank and minds.

Credit UCLA. They made tough shots.