Going to the game tomorrow.

Interested in seeing a few things, especially since both UT and SC came out flat.

  1. How does AA look making connections downfield? I realize he will be limited if all goes well. Plan would be to be vanilla.
  2. Our rune game. If we can’t run in this game, it’s going to be a long year. This game will be more of a read on our OL than RB’s.
  3. Defensive pressure. Are we getting off the line quickly, and playing on their side of the LOS. Are our LB playing well enough to stop the run, and force the pass? Can our DB’s play tight enough to force the QB to hold the ball, disrupt timing, and allow DL pressure to make the hit?

Just a few thoughts.

The only thing I care about is AA throwing the ball over the stadium if the play isn’t there. I hope we don’t have to go through the same growing pains with him as BA.

If AA can protect the ball we will be a good team. If not, I think we’re in trouble. JMO

I have issued a blanket proclamation to everyone I know to please refrain from sustaining any major, traumatic episodes requiring emergency attention tomorrow between the hours of 3 PM and 7 PM, as I will be answering NEITHER the phone NOR the door during the course of that four hour interval - - - regardless of WHOM that non contact resolution may frustrate, infuriate or hair lip.

I will be comfortably ensconced in my LaZyboy Rocker-Recliner in front of my 55 inch flat screen TV, surrounded by a panoramic stash of enchilada casserole, salad, chips, watermelon, cherry pie and a 2 liter bottle of Pepsi on ice along with a choice selection of various assorted and sundry tidbit taste bud treats designated to negate the necessity for multiple forays to the kitchen throughout the course of the game. I shall be resolutely unavailable for any and all distractions or interventions.

Should Aunt Suzie call from Kentucky - - I’m unavailable. Should church members drop by to visit - - I’m unavailable. Should charities donations reps ring my doorbell - - I’m unavailable. Should Girl Scouts selling cookies ring my doorbell - - I’m unavailable.

(However, - - - should Carrie Underwood deign to drop by, - - - I’m available.)

                                           WOO, PIG! - - - SOOIE!!!!!!!

I will save the 700 mile trip and watch it on SEC Network. A network I do not watch all that much as it appears to me to be the Alabama U network, but the good thing is basically all the SEC games will be on it which is very nice.