Go Clemson

Stick it to Bobby.

Ummmmmmmm…Where’s JDeere?

He’ll be back, God forbid, if they come back, which they are capable of doing. The defense is wearing down though.

No discipline on defense.

And his sidekick - Saintlyone. LOL

Don’t give them a forum. They feed off attention. They are like a cat, if you don’t feed them, then they’ll go away.

Let’s just focus on our Razorbacks and let them do whatever they want.

Good game. Yabo Dabo Do.

It was an extremely good game. False starts kept doing the Cards in. Both very good teams. Game may have been determined by 1 yard. Neutral field might bring a different outcome. If either continues to roll, the playoffs will be interesting.

Wow! What a fun game to watch! I’m impressed with talent on both teams, esp. at the skill positions. And, the D’s are very good as well. Must admit the two QB’s are superb athletes that don’t know the word quit. Woo Pig!

Watching that play, the WR stuck his arm out, to reach the 3, then pulled it back. He thought he got the 1st down. Problem was the 2 was the 1st down. How do you not know that? If you’re a player you HAVE to know.

I think Clemson can win the NC this year. If they play BAMA, they can get up early. They aren’t like OM. BAMA won’t be able to “just come back.” I also thing Louisville can make a lot of noise. Top 10 finish for those guys this year.

You are an extreme hater of Bobby. At the end of the day Louisville is still better than Arkansas.

You don’t know me from Adam. FYI, I liked Bobby while he was here. I’m just responding to all of this nonsense of folks advocating to bring him back. It ain’t happening. Never.

Saturday, I had my money on Clemson. So, they had to stick it to Bobby in order for ME to win. I don’t care who’s better at this point. Probably won’t care at the end of the season, since neither team is going to win the NC.

Great! I bet there is a great discussion of this very topic on the [size=150]Louisville[/size] board. Why don’t you head over there and enjoy it.