Get off the damn soapbox!!!

Wow. Listening to the local commentators on sports radio tonight, one would think the U of A was covering a coach involved in assaulting boys in a shower. Sorry that was Penn State. The moaning and groaning about the timing of the firing by most, and some who were calling for CBB’s dismissal was the real embarrassment. " The firing will be a National disgrace and embarrassment!" The State sports pundits proclaimed. So let me get this straight. SEC schools who fire coaches who average Nine wins a year ( Georgia) are to be lauded for making bold and courageous moves are to be celebrated, but Arkansas is to be denounced. Pardon my language, but just who the HELL are some of you pundits trying to impress?! Perhaps you are looking to get some airtime with Colin Cowturd, Ready Freddie Coleman, Dari Noka, or perhaps Paul Fineturds’ show. Most of you are nothing but a bunch of blowhards suffering from Jim Rome envy. CBB being fired was the worst kept secret in the State. CBB new weeks ago that his tenure at Arkansas was over. He is walking away from Arkansas a multimillionaire. Rumor is he is a leading candidate for the Illinois job. So please spare us the crocodile tears. Sorry boys, both Long and CBB are gone. Both will be fine. We poor ignorant, stupid fan base could not be shamed and told all was well with the football program. Sorry Bo. It looks like your efforts inti " Educating" the University’s fans were unsuccessful. Looks like you and some of the other sports pundits are not as powerful and influential as you boast almost on a daily basis on your radio programs.

The only difference is forum. They get paid for having an opinion and that is all it is - an opinion. It takes the same amount of energy to listen to that noise than it does to ready posts here.

Oh … wait … there goes my audience …

The only issue was it should have been done 3 to 4 weeks ago! Who cares what is said out side of the hog fan base.
He got rich here and should have had a contract that had a direct relationship to the number of wins.

Nebraska fired their coach last night after losing big and I’m not hearing any outrage from those idiots! Double standards are okay when you have an agenda.

Get used to it. It’s part of being a Razorback fan. Just tune it out!

If any Knowledgeable Razorback sports fan knows anything then you should understand that the likes of Wally Hall and such don’t know any more and probably not as much about the sports they write about and cover than the majority of Hogs fans.
When I was in college, we couldn’t wait until Sunday night, order some pizza and laugh our tails off at the sheer lunacy that spewed from Wally’s mouth, he served as our personal court jester for years.
It’s a job that they have and that’s pretty much it, they don’t know anymore about anything than we do.
Some are entertaining, some report on recruiting, but none of them are any more knowledgeable than anyone else when it gets right down to sports.